“MH-17 is not an incident or catastrophe, it is a terrorist attack”

 US puppet in Kiev Petro “the Chocolate King” Poroshenko

When I first heard the news about the latest Malaysian Air jetliner disaster early this afternoon my first thought was something like “why in the hell was it flying over a war zone?” but rapidly following that was the sick feeling in the pit of my stomach that the Obama regime had finally succeeded in finding a way to launch World War III by blaming it all on Putin. Did it only seem like the rush to judgment had already begun within the US government, the enclave of thugs and neo-Nazis in the Kiev junta and the corrupt state-corporate media even before the the smoking ruins of the Kuala Lumpur bound Boeing 777 had hit the ground in eastern Ukraine? For nearly six months now the Obama regime and the warmongers at the neocon infested State Department have been desperately searching for that one key piece of evidence that they could use to unite world opinion against Russia and the hated leader Vladimir Putin in order to allow the US-EU-NATO Axis of Aggression to really unleash the dogs in a storm the beaches move to bring about regime change in Moscow. Now they finally have it and the facts are being fixed around the policy to set into motion the series of first strike moves that will likely in the end lead to a global cataclysm of which has never occurred in human history.

The murderous illegally occupying government of Ukraine, led by the fanatical Petro “Porky” Poroshenko aka the Chocolate King was immediately blaming Russia for the shooting down of the airliner and the 295 deaths, almost as if they already had the cover story ready to roll and it certainly behooves them in that the “anti-terrorist” offensive (aka ethnic cleansing spree) against anti-austerity, anti-fascist federalists was not going as planned. Today’s tragedy is certainly a boon to the junta regime and it’s western backers who despite the simple fact that Russia would have absolutely nothing to gain from shooting down the plane and everything to lose. The news of the disaster continues to develop rapidly and as could be expected the Obama regime is already shaping the narrative with the typical unnamed US intelligence sources as well as Vice President Joe Biden himself are already calling it a missile strike. By tomorrow there will be a rock solid wall of lockstep propaganda rolled out to support this and the 23 Americans onboard will be the ones to be avenged as our latest group of martyred “heroes”.

This could be the day when the shit finally hits the fan and there is a very real possibility that none of our lives will ever be the same again and only a week and a half from the 100th anniversary of World War I – the disastrous US intervention that set off the chain of events that has resulted in the deaths of hundreds of millions and we to this day are still choking on the blood. There are really only a few possibilities regarding MH-17:

1: Gross negligence and incompetence on behalf of Malaysian Airlines, scant months after the eerie disappearance of Flight 370 likely the result of a mechanical failure (shoddy maintenance) in sending this passenger jets flight-path directly over a fucking war zone after multiple planes had already been shot down in the ongoing undeclared civil war in Ukraine.

2: The type of heinous and history altering incident that comes from hot tempers and itchy trigger fingers. I have just been waiting for some hothead in either NATO or the Kiev occupying government to overreact although I really suspected that it would be a small tactical nuke that would would be loosed.

3: Anti-austerity, anti-fascist federalist rebels in the east mistakenly shot the plane down believing that it was from Kiev ferrying in reinforcements for ethnic cleansing operations. Probably unlikely because MH-17 was flying too high to be within range of their weaponry and the downing by a Russian air-defense battery jsut isn’t credible because with the USA!, USA!, USA! just itching for an opportunity to justify escalation these systems and their operators would be especially careful.

4: A false flag event designed to provide the rationale for whipping the American public into a blood-thirsty frenzy (it doesn’t take much anymore) in order to muster backing for a desperate suicide mission by a rapidly deteriorating empire against the recalcitrant Putin. This is not the stuff of so-called “conspiracy theories” as history is replete with exactly this type of thing: Gulf of Tonkin, USS Maine, the Lusitania and to many who dare to question the 21st century quest for global hegemony: 9/11.

It is impossible to see how this is not going to be used by Obama to avenge the slights inflicted upon his fragile and arrogant psyche by Putin over Edward Snowden and later Syria and this being an election year you can rest assured that every cowardly Democrat will be backing his donning of the mantle of “war president” lest they be called out as chicken by the always ready to go to war Republicans.

This can only end badly for Americans outside of the entitled and arrogant elite and it will do exactly that.