You have to give it to the extremists that run the US government war machine these days, they are predictable to a fault.

The morning after the apparent shoot-down of a Malaysian Airlines passenger jet over Ukraine (once again, why was a commercial airliner routed over a war zone?) the warmongers are out with a vengeance in building their ongoing case against Russian leader Vladimir Putin.

Putin’s grave offenses have been (1) presiding over a government that dared to save NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden from a US torture chamber (2) intervening to stop what would have been a devastating air attack on the regime of Syrian leader Bashar al Assad who was blamed for a to this day unsolved use of sarin gas on civilians (3) working to facilitate an end to economic sanctions against Iran for their alleged nuclear program (4) not accepting the illegally installed US-backed, neo-Nazi infested coup in Ukraine (5) refusing to bow to the demands of crazy old Uncle Scam therefore risking becoming an example of one who successfully stands up to a bully.

The lurid tales that have been churned out of the propaganda machine like so many sausage links made of tainted rat meat have duped already stupid and fear-addled Americans into accepting that Putin is some malevolent evil force out of a Marvel comics series and now with the downed airliner – the earthly manifestation of Mephistopheles himself. Sadly it will be gobbled up by the American common folk who will ultimately be the ones who foot the bill for the coming disaster of our warped foreign policy – just like they always do.

Leading point for the wrapping of the blame of the downing of MH-17 around the Russian leader’s neck like the noose applied before the lynching are the usual vermin and scum that have risen to the apex of the rotten to the core and now bordering on biblical evil US government that lives high in the kingdom of Washington.

Vice President Joe Biden rapidly identified the air disaster as a missile attack as though he already knew the answer – the veep is hardly one who is unbiased in the Ukrainian matter given his son landed a plum job with the country’s largest gas company – which he likely did. Old blood and guts, Senator John McCain was bellowing his usual bullshit and crying for war – has there ever been a stronger argument for euthanasia?

But the deal was sealed when none other than Queen Hillary the Inevitable, our historic first woman president in waiting let it rip on the Charlie Rose show last night. As in the Bush era, the “facts” were being fixed around the policy and the policy as it was even before this primo excuse for a war of some type against Russia have always been preordained.

The war propaganda and campaign of relentless demonization will pick up today and escalate to a thundering and rousing, flag-wrapped crescendo by the time that the usual assortment of freaks, stooges, and war criminals are rolled out for the Sunday morning “news” shows. The Warmonger’s Gazette, The Washington Post is pounding the war drums loudly already as the sun rises on Friday from the neocon bunker of their editorial page.

The call to arms of “The world must know whose weapon destroyed a passenger plane” – which anyone who has seen what the monsters running the USA!, USA!, USA! since September 11, 2001, already knows. The reports from the illegitimate occupying government in Kiev are taken as gospel by the state-corporate media and the “proof” will assuredly be provided and be as damning as the aerial photos of Saddam’s mobile chemical weapons labs. I excerpt from WAPO:

In recent days there has been abundant evidence of Russia stepping up supplies of heavy weapons to rebels in eastern Ukraine, including advanced anti-aircraft systems. The Kiev government reported that two of its military aircraft were shot down in the past week, either by separatists, Russian planes or batteries operating from across the border. On Thursday came a greater tragedy: the destruction of a Malaysia Airlines passenger jet with 295 people aboard. Ukrainian authorities charged that it had been struck by a missile fired by a Russian-made surface-to-air battery supplied to Moscow’s Ukrainian proxies.

If the reports are confirmed, the Ukrainian separatists and their sponsors in Moscow will be responsible for a heinous crime. The United States and its allies must insist that those responsible be held accountable — including those in the Kremlin. [TRANSLATION: PUTIN]

First the word of “Ukranian authorities” and the “Kiev government” are not to be believed or trusted, this is a US installed puppet regime packed with thugs, crooks, fascists, neo-Nazis and led by a corrupt oligarch whose fondness for Hitlerian statements of total retaliation to avenge the deaths of military forces killed by anti-austerity, anti-fascist federalists defending against ethnic cleansing indicated a depth of moral depravity that makes it easy to see why the US State Department and Obama regime back him. The WAPO screed goes on:

The White House continues to avoid measures that could inflict crushing damage on the Russian financial system and force Mr. Putin and the elites around him to choose between aggression in Ukraine and Russia’s economic future. Wednesday’s measures stop two banks from obtaining long-term debt financing in U.S. markets, but the treasury has not excluded those banks from the financial system nor taken measures against the largest banks. Though its bank was sanctioned, the energy operations of Gazprom, Russia’s giant, remain untouched.

Even before the tragic loss of the Malaysian plane, it ought to have been clear to the West that Russia’s aggression in Ukraine could not be overlooked or wished away. It is both criminal and intolerable and should be treated accordingly.

That is about as obvious a call to arms- even if it results in a civilization-destroying nuclear war – as it gets but this is the depth of the systemic rot in our now fully amok and globally despised empire. The very least that the WAPO is calling for seems to be the dropping of what has been referred to as the “financial neutron bomb” which would, in essence, be an act of war. But war is what the establishment needs and has refashioned US society around as the cornerstone for our continued existence – it is lucrative, keeps the bewildered herd in line with the ongoing worship of the flag and the state and most of all it is damned good politics in the permanent election cycle.

The feeding frenzy begins but the obvious blame lies with Obama himself because had he not presided over the original sin of the coup d’etat in Kiev, then there would have been no war zone and the passengers of MH-17 would be alive today. The emperor not only has blood on his hands but it would not be a surprise if he bathes in it on a daily basis.