The pile of official lies about what really happened in Benghazi stacked up by the Obama administration and the State Department have already firmly established that this latest regime absolutely cannot be trusted to tell the truth and this is especially so when it comes to the disastrous foreign policy of the warfare state. What grows ever more apparent is that the Obama gangsters, in particular the warmongers over at the State Department are engaged in a serious cover-up over what really happened in regards to Malaysian Airlines MH17 that was shot down over Ukraine two weeks ago. The initial rush to pin the blame on reviled Obama nemesis Vladimir Putin sans any actual proof of Russian involvement was the greatest propaganda explosion that the world has seen since George W. Bush and Dick Cheney were “fixing the facts around the policy” in order to attack and invade Iraq under false pretenses back in 2003.  From the minute that I heard the news that the plane went down I knew that it would be used by Obama and his asinine embarrassment of a Secretary of State John “Skull and Bones” Kerry to trump up more of a case for their lunatic outburst of aggression at Putin and I was not disappointed.

It seemed as though the narrative had already been established while MH17 was still falling from the air with the blame already being flushed throughout the electronic sewer system of the western media that it was indeed “Putin’s Missile” that was responsible for the deaths of 298 civilians onboard the ill-fated flight. Media hysteria stoked world outrage in reckless rush to judgment in which it just seemed like the US leadership knew something that nobody else did – such as who was really behind it.We have seen this movie before with a lying, corrupt administration with the whoppers that were floated late last summer making a similar case for when Barry and the boys were itching to bomb Damascus over that sarin gas attack on those civilians in Ghouta.

To this day the culprits behind that sad incident remains unknown with the best bet being that it was a false flag event perpetrated by the Islamist extremists that the US and our partners the Saudis were funding (including cannibals) in order to justify a full scale war. A war that was preempted when Kerry had an outburst of his chronic diarrhea of the mouth and left an opening for Putin to sweep in to save the day by practicing the diplomacy that Uncle Scam can’t be bothered with. This, along with the saving of former government contractor turned NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden from a lifetime stay at a US torture facility were both humiliating blows to the egos of the petulant narcissist Obama and as we now are being dragged into what could be World War III based on nothing but bullshit and distortion and the spreading of hate and fear by the pocket media it stuck in their craws.

Probably my first thought about MH17 was – what in the hell was it doing flying over a war zone? After all, the anti-fascist, anti-austerity federalist fighters in the primarily Russian speaking east had shot down a number of Kiev junta planes already so why would a civilian airliner embark upon such an obviously risky flight path? There are stories that it was diverted and that the US backed coup regime in Kiev had been sending military planes to strike civilian areas hiding behind commercial aircraft for cover and then breaking off. I believed that the shootdown was highly likely the result of one of those battlefield accidents that so often occur during the fog of war. Or was it something much darker?

By Friday afternoon when I went to lunch at a local sports pub every television in the place (well over twenty of varying sizes) was broadcasting footage of the smoking ruins of MH17 and the search for bodies – it was all similar if not exactly the same feed although the TVs were all tuned to different networks. The propaganda effect of those early hours was nothing short of devastating, it reminded me of that looped CNN exclusive footage of the gas victims at Ghouta last summer that was shown over and over and over again to prep Americans for war. It was Saddam’s soldiers pulling Kuwaiti babies out of incubators, it was the Tonkin Gulf Incident and the USS Maine and the Lusitania and the American war machine was revving up anew. John Kerry was a whirling dervish of bullshit appearing on all five major Sunday morning network “news” shows, hitting for the cycle for the first time since pushing the lies to justify the aborted war on Syria. Kerry touted indisputable proof that it was Putin who was behind it all, just as he did with Bashar al Assad yet the US government had nothing to offer up as actual evidence, no satellite imagery or smoking gun intercepted conversations from our global surveillance grid, only conjecture, hearsay and unconfirmed social media clips that were later proved to be doctored.

By the Monday after MH17 went down, the story was already falling apart despite Kerry’s latest indisputable proof and the admission came out that “Senior U.S. intelligence officials say they have no evidence of direct Russian government involvement in the shooting down of Malaysia Airlines Flight 17” and that the plane was likely shot down as the result of a “mistake”. However the continued provocation of Russia and Putin will continue as the corrupt state-corporate media is now selling the line that Russia “created the conditions” for the shootdown. But didn’t the original coup d’etat run by Kerry’s Assistant Secretary of State Victoria “Fuck the EU” Nuland (which obviously had to be signed off on by Obama) create “the conditions” by backing the overthrow of the democratically elected president of Ukraine in favor of an rancid assortment of US backed lickspittles the likes of former central banker Arseniy “Yats” Yatsenyuk and full-blown fascists and neo-Nazis, many of whom revered the former Nazi collaborator and mass murderer Stepan Bandera? Were it not for the coup there would have been no eastern rebellion to put down and more importantly no war zone for MH17 to be flying over in the first place.

To paraphrase Apocalypse Now’s Captain Willard “the bullshit piles up so high in this place that you need wings to stay above it” and after State Department flacks Jen Psaki and the bumbling Marie Harf continued to provide nothing but the same lack of proof and “trust us” references to social media there were suddenly satellite images released showing Russian rocket fire into Ukraine. The question now is that if US satellites were able to pick up these images (which conjure up Saddam’s mobile chemical weapons labs) then WHY are there no satellite images available of the direction of the missile that shot down MH17?

Yesterday, the group Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity (VIPS) Posed the same question among others in an open letter to President Barack Obama. I excerpt from the letter at length which contaisn the questions that you can damned sure bet will never be asked by the corrupt state-corporate media that is covering Obama’s ass on his latest pack of lies to start a war:

Russian tensions are building in a precarious way over Ukraine, and we are far from certain that your advisers fully appreciate the danger of escalation. The New York Times and other media outlets are treating sensitive issues in dispute as flat-fact, taking their cue from U.S. government sources.

Twelve days after the shoot-down of Malaysian Airlines Flight 17, your administration still has issued no coordinated intelligence assessment summarizing what evidence exists to determine who was responsible – much less to convincingly support repeated claims that the plane was downed by a Russian-supplied missile in the hands of Ukrainian separatists.

Your administration has not provided any satellite imagery showing that the separatists had such weaponry, and there are several other “dogs that have not barked.” Washington’s credibility, and your own, will continue to erode, should you be unwilling – or unable – to present more tangible evidence behind administration claims. In what follows, we put this in the perspective of former intelligence professionals with a cumulative total of 260 years in various parts of U.S. intelligence.


We have always taken pride in not shooting from the hip, but rather in doing intelligence analysis that is evidence-based. The evidence released to date does not bear close scrutiny; it does not permit a judgment as to which side is lying about the shoot-down of Flight 17. Our entire professional experience would incline us to suspect the Russians – almost instinctively. Our more recent experience, particularly observing Secretary Kerry injudiciousness in latching onto one spurious report after another as “evidence,” has gone a long way toward balancing our earlier predispositions.

It seems that whenever Kerry does cite supposed “evidence” that can be checked – like the forged anti-Semitic fliers distributed in eastern Ukraine or the photos of alleged Russian special forces soldiers who allegedly slipped into Ukraine – the “proof” goes “poof” as Kerry once said in a different context. Still, these misrepresentations seem small peccadillos compared with bigger whoppers like the claim Kerry made on August 30, 2013, no fewer than 35 times, that “we know” the government of Bashar al-Assad was responsible for the chemical incidents near Damascus nine days before.

On September 3, 2013 – following your decision to call off the attack on Syria in order to await Congressional authorization – Kerry was still pushing for an attack in testimony before a thoroughly sympathetic Senate Foreign Affairs Committee. On the following day Kerry drew highly unusual personal criticism from President Putin, who said: “He is lying, and he knows he is lying. It is sad.”

Equally serious, during the first week of September 2013, as you and President Vladimir Putin were putting the final touches to the deal whereby Syrian chemical weapons would be given up for destruction, John Kerry said something that puzzles us to this day. On September 9, 2013, Kerry was in London, still promoting a U.S. attack on Syria for having crossed the “Red Line” you had set against Syria’s using chemical weapons.

At a formal press conference, Kerry abruptly dismissed the possibility that Bashar al-Assad would ever give up his chemical weapons, saying, “He isn’t about to do that; it can’t be done.” Just a few hours later, the Russians and Syrians announced Syria’s agreement to do precisely what Kerry had ruled out as impossible. You sent him back to Geneva to sign the agreement, and it was formally concluded on September 14.

Regarding the Malaysia Airlines shoot-down of July 17, we believe Kerry has typically rushed to judgment and that his incredible record for credibility poses a huge disadvantage in the diplomatic and propaganda maneuvering vis-a-vis Russia. We suggest you call a halt to this misbegotten “public diplomacy” offensive. If, however, you decide to press on anyway, we suggest you try to find a less tarnished statesman or woman.


If the U.S. has more convincing evidence than what has so far been adduced concerning responsibility for shooting down Flight 17, we believe it would be best to find a way to make that intelligence public – even at the risk of compromising “sources and methods.” Moreover, we suggest you instruct your subordinates not to cheapen U.S. credibility by releasing key information via social media like Twitter and Facebook.

The reputation of the messenger for credibility is also key in this area of “public diplomacy.” As is by now clear to you, in our view Secretary Kerry is more liability than asset in this regard. Similarly, with regard to Director of National Intelligence James Clapper, his March 12, 2013 Congressional testimony under oath to what he later admitted were “clearly erroneous” things regarding NSA collection should disqualify him. Clapper should be kept at far remove from the Flight 17 affair.

What is needed, if you’ve got the goods, is an Interagency Intelligence Assessment – the genre used in the past to lay out the intelligence. We are hearing indirectly from some of our former colleagues that what Secretary Kerry is peddling does not square with the real intelligence. Such was the case late last August, when Kerry created a unique vehicle he called a “Government (not Intelligence) Assessment” blaming, with no verifiable evidence, Bashar al-Assad for the chemical attacks near Damascus, as honest intelligence analysts refused to go along and, instead, held their noses.

We believe you need to seek out honest intelligence analysts now and hear them out. Then, you may be persuaded to take steps to curb the risk that relations with Russia might escalate from “Cold War II” into an armed confrontation. In all candor, we see little reason to believe that Secretary Kerry and your other advisers appreciate the enormity of that danger.

The VIPS letter justifiably rips Kerry, quite possibly the worst US Secretary of State in the modern era but leaves Mr. Obama with some undeserved wiggle-room, what happened to Harry Truman’s famous motto “the buck stops here” when it comes to the Commander in Chief?  Obama is responsible for this as much as he was responsible for Benghazi because it went down on his watch. Hell, if there actually was proof outside of the social media that the spokespeople for administration keep trying to sell there would have been an immediate mega-media event to present that very evidence of Putin’s culpability to the entire world. There would have been satellite images and more yet Obama and his minions have absolutely nothing which not only strongly indicates some level of a cover-up but also knowledge that it was in fact the actions of the Ukraine junta in Kiev that was responsible for this heinous crime. For a man who only months ago was the golden boy of global finance mafia of the Empire “Yats” sure tendered his resignation in a hurry after MH17 and the current puppet leader of Ukraine, Petro Poroshenko aka The Chocolate King would surely not even fart before clearing it with the US regime’s permission. Can anyone say Operation Northwoods?

The Kiev junta had the motive and means to shoot down MH17 and the US establishment led by Kerry, Obama and Nuland had the ability to control the narrative through their propaganda machine lie factory. A propaganda machine that on a daily basis churns out proclamations by the post coup, US puppet government in Kiev as if they were holy writ. To believe the lies of the Obama government the devious Russian as are now using their rebel proxies to plant landmines around the crash site. This is very convenient for the US backed Nazis and the Poroshenko junta to prevent any sort of unbiased, independent investigation. Who benefits from this? I’ll give you a hint, his initials are BHO.

It is also notable that the MH17 flight recorders were spirited away last week to the UK where the Norsefire government of the dastardly fascist David Cameron rules and will ensure that the actual content of the recordings will be cooked to a fine fricassee of bullshit by the time that they are officially released. The Brits are the willing lapdogs and co-conspirators of the US warfare state, we saw it when Tony Blair lied his ass off to provide cover for Bush’s “Shock and Awe” attack on Iraq and with the integral role of GCHQ in the NSA Stasi’s surveillance activities. And they will lie their asses off for Obama too.

Come on Mr. President, where are the satellite images of the missile that hit MH17 and the coordinates of where it came from? The world awaits and answer, just like they still are cooling their heels for a legitimate explanation of what really went down in Benghazi the night that Ambassador Stevens and those other Americans were murdered and really, would you really believe anything that a pathological liar like Obama would say anyway?

At the very least the Obama regime is covering up the ugly truth that their pet neo-Nazis in Ukraine went rogue and were responsible for the shooting down of MH17 which would put the blood on Obama’s hands. But the bastard has become used to bathing in it so the truth may be far worse if there was US foreknowledge and those 298 people were sacrificed in the pursuit of a personal vendetta that dear leader has been nurturing against Putin over being punked last year.