Despite months of  sanctions applied by the Obama regime and it’s EU lapdogs against Russia over the alleged arming of rebels fighting the US puppet government in Kiev, the bear is biting back. In a symbolic shot after last week’s latest round of idiotic economic warfare waged by Barry and the boys, the Putin regime is retaliating by going after the iconic American 800 pound gorilla of fast food that is McDonalds. In a Bloomberg piece from last week entitled “Russia Eyes Banning U.S. Chicken And Some European Fruit” it was stated that in addition to American poultry imports that the Russians were scrutinizing McDonalds cheese over food safety concerns. If the Russians really wanted to to stick it to Mickey D’s and other U.S. chains they should look at the meat, especially given the recent resurgence of the noxious “Pink Slime” additive by many of the nation’s beef suppliers. For that matter so should Americans because this garbage is being foisted off on us too in a sleazy way to hide rising food prices.

A Washington Post piece that was published online yesterday “As the West steps up sanctions, Russia starts banning food” states that:

In the past few days, the scope of the limitations has expanded rapidly: As of Friday, Russian officials have banned most grain imports from Ukraine, stopped bringing in produce from Poland and are murmuring about potentiallyexpanding the food blacklist to include European fruits and vegetables, U.S. chickens, and flagship items from U.S. fast-food restaurant chains such as McDonald’s, Burger King and KFC, according to reports. Separately this week, Wendy’s announced it would be closing its locations in Russia.

The ongoing ridiculousness of the narcissistic Obama’s ‘my dick is bigger than your dick’  feud with Putin is only going to hurt American businesses and investors in the long run. Why do you think that both the Chamber of Commerce and the National Association of Manufacturers so vehemently opposed the escalating tit-for-tat sanctions? Like it or not, we now live in a connected global economy and the snits of thin-skinned political leaders have the capability of inflicting enormous damage on both corporate profits and American jobs.

Not that Mr. Obama gives a rat’s ass.  Especially when considering how his NSA Stasi has dealt a long-term blow to U.S. high tech businesses, particularly in cloud computing which has been touted as the future with their ongoing undermining of privacy, tampering with product that is intercepted while en route to the buyer and undermining of encryption. This is a serious personal vendetta against the leader of a nuclear armed power and the interests of everyone but Obama and his gaggle of morons are of little importance.

I don’t eat at McDonalds anymore. My personal opinion is that the food is about as healthy as low-grade industrial sewage and puts one at a serious risk of longtime colon problems, diabetes and heart disease. That being said, the corporation is one of the most successful long-term money makers as well as an iconic American brand right up there with Coca Cola. My personal choice not to eat there aside, there are a lot of Americans who are investors in what was up until the time of Obama’s latest tantrum a sound long-term proposition .  The Chamber of Commerce and other business interests know fully well the negative effects on long term profits that can be inflicted by an incompetent idiot and this doesn’t take into account the potential for World War III which under the three-headed monster of Obama, Kerry and Biden becomes more likely with each passing day.

I have often had difficulty buying into the entire “run government as a business” argument but I must admit that given the recklessness of the Obama regime that I am coming around very quickly.