When you are living in a police state run by a corrupt and out of control government, even simple travel becomes an ordeal. One is constantly subjected to humiliation, harassment and even theft at the hands of government goons. The nation’s airports have been transformed into something out of the Soviet bloc in the aftermath of 9/11 with travelers being forced to take their shoes off, surrender personal items and bow to the power of the men and women in uniform. This is not a practice that belongs in America but rather in a banana republic dictatorship which is exactly what we all live in now under the iron-fist of El Presidente Barack H. Obama.

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) is the bureaucratic monster that has been given the power to harass and shake down law-abiding American citizens under the pretense of preventing “terrorism”. The agency has a long and sordid history of abuse since it’s inception. This includes the feeling up of children (which would have anyone else thrown into prison), stealing from travelers, pulling attractive women out of line to submit to private searches and most important conditioning Americans to submit. TSA is yet another unaccountable arm of the police state along with U.S. Customs and various and sundry other big government goon squads. The latest triumph  in the phony war on terror involves an elderly Florida woman whose offense was to travel carrying cash which put her at the mercy of our ridiculous asset forfeiture laws.

As reported by watchdog website Police State USA in a story entitled  “Government seizes elderly woman’s savings when she tries to fly with cash”:

Federal agents seized thousands of dollars from a woman at an airport because she didn’t tell them how much she had.  Now the government seeks to keep the cash seizure, while having no evidence of wrongdoing or a criminal charge against the woman.

This was the situation for 78-year-old Victoria Faren of Clearwater, Florida.  According to reports, she had recently retired and sold her house and planned to move to live with her daughter in the Philippines.  The woman was then faced with the decision of how to move her money internationally.

She decided to take a dual-pronged approach.  Some of the money she sent via wire transfer, and the rest she decided to transport herself when she flew over.

On April 2, 2014, Ms. Faren tried to board Delta Air Lines Flight 275 to the Philippines.  At Detroit Metropolitan Airport, she was stopped at a federal checkpoint by U.S. Customs and Border Protection agents and scrutinized about what she, as an American citizen, was carrying out of the country.

The federal agents reacted when they discovered an alleged contradiction in the amount of money Ms. Faren declared verbally and in writing.  Agents then took the opportunity to rummage through every belonging she had — including the clothes on her body — to find additional cash.

It turns out that the septuagenarian had decided to stow her cash savings throughout her luggage and even hidden within her worn garments.

She believed it would be safer to keep it hidden.  Safe from thieves or government agents; whichever appeared first.  But her efforts failed.

After finding wads of cash in her wallets and carry-on bag, the agents went so far as to remove the woman’s brassiere and girdle to find the rest.  In total they seized $40,977 from the woman, which were proceeds from the recent sale of her $120,000 home.

While it is unwise to travel with large sums of cash it has never been illegal – until 9/11 and the complete surrender of the American star-spangled sheep to fear. This allowed for the out of control expansion of the federal government, including the creation of TSA and the fascist Department of Homeland Security (DHS), the militarizing of the police and the weaponizing of the state against the people.

Ms. Faren faces a nightmarish struggle in getting her money back – at least in its entirety without the government goons skimming their tribute off the top. It isn’t like she can really protest either or the corrupt government will only find some other ridiculous trumped up charge to level against her. Even the mafia has a code of honor unlike the U.S. government which preys on little old ladies in airports under the ridiculous pretense that she may be involved in the funding of “terrorists”.

These are the actions of a gangster state and unless people wake up and do so very, very quickly the trap will soon close on them completely.