In a stunt that makes a mockery of U.S. border security, a man dressed as Osama bin Laden crossed over from Mexico into Texas unimpeded. The border crossing was the latest effort by conservative activist film-maker James O’Keefe and sends two very clear messages. One being that our borders are porous and are not a political priority for our ruling elite and the second being that entire war on terror has been a scam from the get go. To some that may be a bold statement to make but how can you possibly “keep America safe” from terrorists if nobody is even bothering to protect our own borders?

Whether you are a fan of O’Keefe or not is unimportant.  His work tends to inflame liberals whose own holier than thou hypocrisy blinds them to the fact that Michael Moore often engages in the same type of guerrilla journalism to make a point. O’Keefe deserves kudos for this great stunt of which the video can be viewed here and is worth a good laugh. Pass it around.

In addition to exposing the lies of the political establishment about the border being secure (O’Keefe includes clips of several Democrats saying exactly that) one must ask that what else has the government been lying about. Mike Krieger of the libertarian blog Liberty Blitzkrieg writes of the “bin Laden” crossing video:

I’m not posting this video to drum up fear of terrorism or anything like that. Regular readers know that I think the “war on terror” is a total sham and fraud. I believe the power structure has been intentionally using fear of terrorism to eliminate the civil liberties and freedom of the American public. Washington D.C.’s apathy at the porousness of the U.S.-Mexican border serves as further proof that the entire surveillance state that has been put in place to supposedly stop terrorist attacks has an ulterior motive.

I have long believed that the “surveillance state” has little to nothing to do with protecting America and is more about profiting off of fear and implementing a system of social control. The open border has always been a huge and rarely if ever mentioned inconsistency to the official government narrative that is fed to the sheep.

The fact is that someone is getting over on the American people here and it is not just government incompetence nor is it a partisan issue. The borders were as much like Swiss cheese under the Bush administration as they are under Obama. Somebody is getting rich off of preventing what should be the basic requirement of any “war on terror” in that the country under threat must be able to secure the damned border. When a provocateur activist is able to dress up like the big, bad-assed bogeyman himself and enter into the country without so much as being questioned it doesn’t take a keen olfactory ability to smell a rat somewhere.

Video Link to You Tube: Project Veritas

Image: Project Veritas