It could be a headline straight out of the tumultuous decade that was the Sixties – NIXON CALLS OUT NATIONAL GUARD – such are these bizarre times in which we live. The volatile situation in Ferguson, Missouri continues to spin out of control going into week two. The release of the Michael Brown surveillance camera video, showing the innocent one committing an obvious criminal act has triggered an outbreak of mob violence and looting. Missouri Governor Jay Nixon has called out the National Guard to put down the insurrection in a dangerous escalation that is not going to end well for anyone. With the conditions in America being just right for a national uprising – there is one hell of a lot of anger out there – the greatest threat to the establishment would be if similar conditions begin to break out elsewhere. So days after sending the militarized goons of the St. Louis County police packing in favor of the Missouri Highway Patrol, Nixon is bringing in the real military.

With reports of Molotov cocktails being thrown at police as well as gunfire in Ferguson, Governor Nixon  has been forced into a corner. There is little other choice to restore order before the unrest bleeds over into greater St. Louis. It is however an action that was completely avoidable had rationality prevailed at the outset instead of a cascading series of bad decisions and even worse behavior by the locals. That the man who the protests/riots are in his behalf is looking more like a savage street thug only makes the situation all the more tragic. As the tit-for-tat stories and allegations have now turned this entire sordid mess into a game of political football we are all losing. The racial circus of sensationalism is depriving this once great nation of a necessary debate over the militarizing of the police.

Americans who are dismissive of the de facto  imposition of martial law in Ferguson due to the overwhelmingly black demographics better wake up and wake up soon. The government has long planned for martial law scenarios as far back as operations such as Garden Plot and REX 84. These would under either the pretenses of outbreaks of racial unrest or a vaguely defined “national emergency” allow for the suspension of the Constitution. These are but two  of the plans that have been revealed, who knows what evil police state programs exist now. The National Defense Authorization Act, the USA PATRIOT Act and the basis for national warrantless surveillance, Executive Order 12333 are chock full of such provisions. Americans also must be mindful that the Posse Comitatus Act is now irrelevant and that NORTHCOM, a domestic military command is now fully operational in The Homeland.

For now there is the false comfort of viewing the events in Ferguson simply as black people behaving badly but the day is coming when the weaponized police state will be unleashed on white folk as well. Just imagine what is going to happen the day that the Federal Reserve is no longer able to keep the rigged markets levitated and it all implodes again which it will. There was an enormous effort made in 2008 and 2009 to save the zombie banks from the consequences of their bad gambling bets but today those same banks are bigger than ever. Federal Reserve boss Janet Yellen is not about to stop the ongoing heroin injections of free gambling money either so the budget sheet continues to expand over at the Fed.

Not only are the TBTFs (Too Big to Fails) bigger than ever  but the derivative business has also been resurrected like Frankenstein’s monster. Financial oracle Warren Buffet himself referred to this toxic bad paper as being “financial weapons of mass destruction” and it has already detonated once. When there was the opportunity to clean up this mess once and for all,  the crooked Obama regime and his Wall Street bagman Timothy Geithner instead chose to placate campaign donors and rescued the scoundrels and criminals.  This only succeeded in setting the timer ticking towards the next big economic implosion. Once that occurs there will be no more bailouts and it will take the proverbial wheelbarrow full of Reich Marks to buy a freaking bag of Cheetos. On that day of doom  it won’t only be the predominantly black neighborhoods that will be rioting. How many Americans even have enough food and provisions to last three days when the ATM’s run out of money?

Then and only then will the star-spangled sheep understand the trap that they have allowed to be lured into with the militarizing of the police. But it will be too late to change anything at that point when the only choice will be to learn to embrace kissing the whip or be shot like a dog by black clad goons who belong in a war zone and not on American streets.