With a fervor akin to that of legendary G-man Eliot Ness chasing down a member of the Al Capone mob, Chicago police gunned down a beloved family pet early Monday morning. The latest victim of the undeclared war on dogs by the nation’s police  was a large Italian Mastiff who was blown away in it’s own backyard. There is now an actual term for the plague of family pets being summarily executed during police raids:“puppycide”. This sad but predictable evolution of the fascist police state has reached unprecedented levels in America and body count rises daily. The murdering of innocent dogs by police- often shot in front of their owners, including children – parallels the rise of the militarized police forces that belong in a banana republic and not a free country.

WGNTV of Chicago reports on their website in a story entitled “Chicago police shoot and kill family dog during chase”:

A south side family awoke to screaming and gunshots and found police in their yard and their family dog dead.

Terry Taylor says police told him they were chasing someone, and wound up in Taylor’s backyard at 59th and Martin Luther King Drive.

Officers opened the gate, covered with a Beware of Dog sign, then shot dead the 120 pound Italian Mastiff named Castro, who was outside at the time.

The dog’s owner is devastated. The family has had the dog since it was a pup and calls 9-year old Castro a member of the family.

The owners want the body of the dog removed and cremated at the city’s expense.

Police say the dog charged at them before they fired.

The investigation continues.

In another account, this one courtesy of a CBS Chicago station “Family Upset After Chicago Cops Fatally Shoot Dog, Fail To Catch Robber” the police involved are ducking the blame:

A South Side family is angry because police shot their dog and then failed to catch an armed robber even though he was hiding out just feet from where they were standing, reports CBS 2’s Mike Puccinelli.

“I said why’d you shoot the dog?,” said neighbor Aaron Thompson. “He said I didn’t shoot the dog, the assailant shot the dog.”

The dog is Castro, an Italian Mastiff who’d been in the Taylor household for ten years.

“It’s like I lost a family member…very difficult,” said Terry Taylor, the dog’s owner.

The assailant is an armed robber who had held up a man early this morning in Washington Park. Police responding to the 911 call spotted the suspect and chased him until they believed they lost him in the yard.

“The police ran in my yard, opened the gate and shot my dog,” Taylor said.

Maybe Obama Attorney General Eric Holder can fly in the Feds to perform an autopsy on the murder victim. The dog had predominantly black fur, was unarmed and may have been attempting to surrender although as of this afternoon there have been no sightings of either Al Sharpton or Jesse Jackson in the vicinity of the crime scene

Seriously though, it is becoming one hell of a sick society when a family watchdog, in it’s own yard and where the gate has an obvious ‘Beware of Dog” warning sign is not safe from overly aggressive police who have watched too many Dirty Harry movies. What the hell ever happened to the concept of private property in this country?

The puppycides will continue and the police officers who murdered Castro can proudly carve a notch into their pistol handles until Americans finally wake up and demand accountability from police.