Facing a fate that will be the political equivalent of the stomping that the hapless Denver Broncos received in this year’s Super Bowl,  the clock is ticking down on the Dems and it’s time to throw a Hail Mary. It had to thrill party strategists to no end when Minnesota Vikings running back Adrian Peterson was arrested on child abuse charges so soon after the notorious  Ray Rice elevator smackdown. It has been apparent that team blue jackass is going to lose control of the Senate and having absolutely no real ideas to run on they have pounced on their cynical identity group wedge issues to dodge the drubbing. They will deftly exploit the latest incident of an NFL star breaking bad as surely as they did with Ray Rice – just watch them.

The Dems were all over NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell last week, seeking to smack around the league boss like a political pinata in order pander to the female demographic. Now, with Peterson to add to their futile and stupid efforts it is going to be a very slimy month and a half until the first Tuesday in November. The so-called “Republican war on women” will be bandied about and fine-tuned for the onslaught of misogyny slurs and accusations that will be the bread and butter for the coming Hillary Clinton presidential campaign. It will be the dirtiest in history given the complete lack of shame of the Clinton crime family.

During Sunday morning’s whirlwind tour of the idiotic political talk shows, the oily White House Chief of Staff Denis McDonough made it a point to express his boss’s ‘displeasure’ towards Rice.  Speaking during his visit with Chuck Todd on NBC’s Meet the Press, Barry’s top flack stated that Obama was “shocked”. Per a story on the website of liberal propaganda organ MSNBC entitled “Obama ‘shocked’ by Ray Rice domestic violence video”:

“The president was shocked by what he saw, let’s put it that way,” said McDonough. When asked how Obama thought the NFL handled the situation overall, McDonough said, “I don’t want to get into a characterization of that right now.  But I think we all know that Ray Rice being suspended indefinitely seems to be exactly the right thing.”

Last Monday, White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest said he didn’t know if Obama saw the footage but that the commander-in-chief had been following the controversy.

“This administration and this president do believe strongly that the scourge of violence against women is something that needs to be aggressively combated,” said Earnest. “I don’t want to comment on the individual decisions made, in this case, by an individual football team. But you have seen the president and the vice president make very forceful public comments in talking about how important it is for men in particular to step up and step forward and make clear that violence against women is something that is not and cannot be tolerated.”

El Presidente can engage in all of the huffing and puffing and false indignation that he chooses to but it is yet another sorry distraction from his dismal, failed presidency. I imagine that the ace presidential damage control team was on the job making sure that any photographic or video evidence of Obama shaking Ray Rice’s hand during the Baltimore Ravens’ visit to the White House have been scrubbed. I sure as hell couldn’t find one during a search for an image for this post so chances are that they have been disappeared down the memory hole.

This is such a disgusting charade that only serves to prove exactly how hypocritical that the Democrats are each and every time that they whip out inflammatory accusations against the GOP for exploiting “culture war” issues to pander to their base. They perfected the art during the selling of the Obamessiah before taking a crap on the suckers once Barry successfully pulled off his big con job. Americans really deserve better than this because we are currently in a national crisis largely due to the lack of leadership and political chicanery of Obama and his morally bankrupt and rotten to the core party.