In a sign of our sad times of moral and intellectual decline, a White House official involved in a briefing with reporters prior to dear leader’s big speech on ISIS divulged the dismal quality of this administration. Going to war is a gravely serious matter and launching a new one – as Obama did with his nationally televised decree – should be seriously thought out. Shooting from the hip, particularly in an election year when politics take priority over reasonable decision making should be forbidden. There are long-term consequences to the nation as well as lives at risk whenever there is a commitment to go to war and it is not something that should be taken lightly nor presided over by idiots.

We are talking about dealing in American blood and treasure here and if our servicemen and women are to be sent into battle in a foreign land the very least that they can expect is that there will be the utmost of competence by those who dispatch them there. It is very hard to find such competence when an administration is as packed with morons, lackeys, cronies, ass-kissers and buffoons as this one is. The case in point being that someone within the Obama Department of Dumbassery doesn’t even understand the simple geography of a country that is about to be bombed by the U.S. military.

According to a story in The Washington Post entitled “White House struggles with Mideast geography”:

Maybe before they extend the airstrikes against the Islamic State too far, the White House might want to double check the geography.

Obama administration officials, briefing reporters before the president’s Wednesday night televised speech, made it clear that borders, especially the border between Syria and Iraq, will not be an impediment to U.S. airstrikes.

Speaking “on background,” one official said, “We are dealing with an organization that operates freely across the border, so we will not be restrained by that border in our determination to conduct airstrikes against ISIL (or IS or ISIS or the Islamic State).”

Then a second official reemphasized that a number of countries in the region were worried about the ISIS threat moving across borders. One of the briefers noted that the terrorist army “has been I think a galvanizing threat around the Sunni partners in the region. They view it as an existential threat to them. Saudi Arabia has an extensive border with Syria.”

This was truly news. So we checked our own maps. No, Saudi Arabia doesn’t have an extensive border with Syria. Jordan has a rather large chunk of land between them.

Can somebody please start the impeachment proceedings now?  Rank and file, low-information types calling for military action against a country that they are unable to identify on a map is understandable. However, when it comes to government officials the bar should be set much higher. It is like we have finally reached the point where the cult-classic movie Idiocracy has become a prophecy as to the future of America.


The plot for Idiocracy features a U.S. Army dullard named Joe Bowers and a prostitute named Rita who are the subjects of a secret US military hibernation experiment of what was to be of limited duration. Well of course things go awry and the officer in charge, is ensnared by a sex scandal bringing shame and a base closure. This results in a much longer nap for Joe and Rita who sleep until they are finally freed from their test chambers during the great garbage avalanche of 2505. They wake up to find a world that is totally FUBAR. The infrastructure is crumbling and looks as though it were designed by idiots (or contracted out to politically connected cronies) , the commercialization of society has been completed with corporate logos everywhere and characters that have been named after fast food items and commercial products. I actually know people who name their pets after corporate brand names so can actual human babies really be far behind?

The populace speaks in gutter slang, curses at everything and Joe is breated  for talking “like a fag” because in the 26th Century even a nitwit speaking in 20th Century lingo sounds like an egghead. It is the ultimate triumph of the dumbing down of America. Centuries of consumerism and way too much television have reduced the citizenry to the point of borderline retardation and the greatest advances in technology are huge multi-screened televisions that allow for trashy programs to be presented simultaneously while the viewer is ensconced on a huge plush chair that includes its own toilet. The viewer is thrilled by shows the likes of “Ass”, “Ow! My Balls” and the “Masturbation Channel”. Those three examples are the descendants of today’s moronic programming like American Idol, Dancing With the Stars and other reality television crap that electronically lobotomizes viewers,

Corporations like Starbucks offer handjobs as an enticement to buy a latte and Fuddruckers has become Buttf*ckers – the corporate satire is as hilarious as it is absent from the media and society today because the joke is on us all. The scene that takes place at St. God’s Memorial Hospital with the health care system being reduced to a combination fast food joint/casino is down and out classic for those for those who think that Obamacare is as bad as it gets – just wait. It is probably the final evolution of Obamacare as surely as Idiocracy is the final evolution of American society – that is if Obama and his ilk don’t get us all incinerated in a nuclear exchange first.

The society that Joe finds himself in is mean, greedy and stupid and the police are drooling overly aggressive thugs (much like they are now) who must have viewed Judge Dredd as a training film. After a series of mishaps and an IQ test he is summoned to the White House by President Dwayne Elizondo Mountain Dew Herbert Camacho because he is now the most intelligent man on the planet. He is then tasked with solving the food crisis that plagues America. The crops are dying because instead of using water (that stuff in the toilet) they are irrigated by mega selling sports drink Brawndo: The Thirst Mutilator. Joe suggests using H2O and is met with incredulity by cabinet members reciting Brawndo’s  advertising mantra of “It’s got electrolytes.” After causing massive social unrest and unemployment by replacing Brawndo, which just happens to be the nation’s biggest employer he becomes hated and scorned.

Joe is then  taken to an arena for a gladiatorial style event that is a wild combination between Mad Max: Beyond Thunderdome and the local monster truck extravaganza that is televised to the masses.   Joe eventually triumphs and saves the day when the crops grow again and becomes a truly honored hero of Uh-merica. His best advice is to turn off the TV and read something once in awhile and everyone lives happily ever after.

Alas, life in The Homeland is not a movie and there is no happy ending to this ongoing nightmare. Especially with over two years left for Obama and his gaggle of morons to cause even more damage.