In a chilling example of how little that the U.S. is able to control it’s own southern borders a planned protest was forced to be cancelled due to death threats issued by Mexican drug cartels. The protest, which had been planned by the group “Shut Down All Ports of Entry” was to have taken place over the weekend in an effort to bring national attention to the disastrous immigration policies of the Obama administration.

According to a story from the website Vice News entitled“Patriot Group Promises to Shut Down Ports of Entry Along US-Mexico Border” the protest was described as:

This Saturday, a loosely organized coalition of individuals described as “unsettled and deeply concerned” with the course of American government plans to shut down ports of entry between the United States and Mexico to protest illegal immigration, demand the release of a Marine detained in Mexico, and express general concern about the direction in which the nation is headed.

The demonstration, which organizers had boldly billed “Shut Down All Ports of Entry” before downsizing their ambitions for the sake of efficacy, hopes to block 17 of the 63 ports of entry in California, Arizona, New Mexico, and Texas that are listed on the US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) website.

Stacyi Barth, a 41-year-old mother of three and former computer programmer who is spearheading the protest, told VICE News that the attempted shutdown comes in response to what she described as a “deep, widespread sentiment that the country is being lost.”

“We’re going to stay at the bridges until our demands are met,” she said. “We have a Marine that has been wrongly imprisoned in Mexico and abandoned by the government. We need to bring him back to his mom and dad immediately. Second, we need to seal off the southern border.”

Barth was referring to U.S. Marine Sgt. Andrew Tahmooressi who inadvertently crossed the border into Mexico with several loaded guns in his truck and was arrested by corrupt local authorities. There have been numerous attempts to advocate for the freedom of Tahmooressi but no substantive assistance from the Obama administration has materialized to this point. It is a shame that thecampaign to spread awareness over his plight has now been derailed by a pack of thugs. El Presidente has no qualms with swapping potentially dangerous Gitmo detainees for Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl  – yet another election year stunt – but as far as he is concerned a Marine who never deserted his post can rot in Hell. But Obama like so much of the rest of the scum that pollutes the American political class nevers erved his country and wouldn’t know honor if it crept up behind him and bit him in his skinny ass.

The protest was going as planned until it was revealed that the agents of savage Mexican drug cartels – who over the years have beheaded hundreds if not thousands more than ISIS – began issuing cryptic death threats.  Not wanting to have her own head sawed off nor to see any harm come to the protesters or others Barth announced that the event had been cancelled.

The Guardian reports the cancellation as follows in a piece entitled “Immigration protest cancelled over ‘death threats from Mexican cartels’” from which I excerpt the following:

Conservative activists who planned to protest against illegal immigration and President Obama’s immigration policies on Saturday said they had canceled all events after receiving death threats from Mexican drug cartels.

Activists had planned to use vehicles as barricades to shut down border crossings at 17 locations in four states – Arizona, California, New Mexico and Texas. But the event, called Shut Down All Ports of Entry, was canceled early on Saturday morning by organizer Stasyi Barth, who said she had received the threats.

In August, a similar protest was canceled after organizers claimed they had been threatened by Mexican drug cartels. The organizer of that 30-vehicle “Border Convoy”, Eric Odom, canceled a rally meant for El Paso in Texas but did not specify which cartel might have threatened his group.

“We had to cancel that because of death threats against our crew and convoy,” he told the Guardian. “We’re not into that. We are a very peaceful convoy and we want to show that the border is very dangerous and open.”

On Saturday, Barth said “an unsubstantiated threat of mass violence against attendees, along with very suspicious activity on the Facebook site” had forced her to cancel the event, telling supporters: “Your lives, and the lives of our law enforcement, are more important than any protest.”

Barth stated that the cartel was threatening “a blood bath” and as anyone who has followed the heinous and barbaric acts that have been perpetrated over the years she has every right to fear them.

It is shameful that the Obama administration not only continues to leave the borders wide open but that nothing was done to counter the increasingly bold cartels from threatening American citizens. Hell, the worthless bastard can’t even keep his own damned crib safe from an intruder armed with a three-inch bladed pocket knife so it is no surprise that he is impotent against the Mexican cartels.

You had better pinch yourself if you think that you will soon awaken from this ongoing nightmare because Barry is going to be hanging around for a couple of more years.