The ongoing disintegration of what was once a free country into an authoritarian fascist police state under the helm of El Presidente Barack Obama is now evolving. With Barry exercising the divine right of a king in launching yet another war in the Middle East – without the approval of Congress – the forces of government must be free to operate with total impunity in The Homeland. The war on terror which is now well into its second decade has served to restrict civil liberties, enable a criminal government, justify the expansion of a massive surveillance state and transform a good number of our law enforcement personnel into thugs.

Now I am going to be right up front with my standard disclaimer that not all cops are bad. The vast majority are good people tasked with doing a dangerous and thankless job. But there are increasingly more exceptions in the post 9/11 era. The federal government bears a large brunt of the responsibility for encouraging the locals to militarize through the 1033 Program as well the exertion of fed influence through the proliferation of fusion centers.

With the increase in police brutality and misbehavior there has been a corresponding rise in citizens who are fighting back by telling their stories. This certainly doesn’t make the government bullies with the badges happy. The logical conclusion to all of the government repression is that political dissent is going to eventually be criminalized. You can already see the early signs. Take for example the Obama regime’s use of the IRS to go after groups affiliated with the so-called tea party or the heavy handed crackdown against the Occupy movement. The way that America is headed is best illustrated in the Ridley Scott science fiction classicBlade Runner.

In an early scene, police Captain Bryant makes the retired cop Deckard (played by Harrison Ford), an offer he can’t refuse in order to lure him back into the fold. Deckard appears to ponder it, tosses off the shot of whiskey that he had been poured and gets up. As he turns to leave, stating that he has had enough, Bryant angrily raises his voice barking “Stop right where you are! You know the score, pal! If you’re not cop you’re little people. Understanding the gravity of Bryant’s words Deckard warily accepts his return to active duty as a replicant killer for one last job. It has come down to a few very basic but pitch black truths in our militarized fascist police state of the post 9/11 ruins of democracy. There are stark dividing lines between that haves and the have nots, there are elitists and peasants, victors and victims, vampires and cattle and cops and little people.

This mentality is evident in a scary story that police violence watchdog group, Cop Block at is being subjected to a petition drive imploring the government to label it as a “terrorist” organization. According to the website Police State USA in a story entitled “Thousands petition White House to consider ‘Cop Block’ a terrorist group”:

This week, anti-accountability agents have created an online White House petition to ask President Obama to “Officially label and classify any variation of ‘CopBlock.Org’ members as Domestic Terrorists with DHS.”

The petition alleges that Cop Block — a group which has evolved into a national grassroots network of activists — is “applauding and encouraging violence towards law enforcement officers and their families” as well as “committing terroristic acts by inspiring, inciting, or taking parts in acts that are designed to take human lives in cold blood for political gain.”

The majority of Cop Block affiliates’ tactics involve recording public servants while on duty and bringing awareness to various abuses committed by police around the country. While perceived as annoying to law enforcers, this author knows of no evidence to support the serious claims that Cop Block supports terroristic acts. The petition provides no examples of said behavior.

The petition might be brushed aside as a stunt, but as of this writing (9/22/2014), it has over received over 2,500 signatures. It has also been promoted by several large police advocacy pages, including Law Enforcement Today, which boasts 360,000 fans on Facebook. Its followers include a plethora of official police department pages.

This appears to be an effort to both encourage the federal government to suppress free speech and to demonize activism through baseless accusation.

Were it not for organizations like Cop Block and others there would not have been the appropriate attention paid to this scumbag, or this one, or this one, or this beating, or this dog shooting, or this incident. Groups like this perform a valuable service in shining a light on those cops who have managed to circumvent screening procedures to abuse their power. This not only is a menace to civil society and the traditional duty of the police “to protect and to serve”, but such individuals who use their badges as shields to prey on the society only discredit the millions of good cops who are out there laying it on the line every day.

Once the federal government, particularly the tyrannical Obama regime is able to begin to successfully make it fully acceptable to label opponents of the state as “terrorists” there will be no end to it.

This should serve as a wake up call to everyone who values the last vestiges of liberty.