Hardly a day goes by in Homeland America where there isn’t some type of incident of police violence or other abuse of power that gets reported. This is attributable to the increasing inability of law enforcement agencies to adequately screen out personality types whose last profession should be carrying a gun as well as the availability of social media. It is a good thing that such scrutiny has been increased because public servants, whether they are politicians, police officers or the local dogcatcher are at least in theory subject to oversight. The line has become blurred in the post 9/11 era with the federal government doing all that it can in order to encourage police violence by providing military equipment to local forces under the war on terror but the pendulum may now be swinging back to accountability.

The body count unfortunately continues to rise and the latest sordid tale comes from the diseased penis of America that is the state of Florida. Last Saturday, a 52 year old deaf man was gunned down by a Volusia County Sheriff’s deputy for failing to respond to the officer’s commands.

According to a story on the website of the Daytona Beach News-Journal entitled“Deputy at tow yard fired 6 shots to kill man sitting in car, son says”:

A Volusia County sheriff’s deputy was in plain clothes when he fired six shots and killed a Port Orange man sitting inside a vehicle Saturday at a tow yard, the dead man’s son said Monday.

Sheriff Ben Johnson said Edward P. Miller, 52, of Port Orange, was “brandishing a firearm” about 2:30 p.m. Saturday at Fryer’s Towing Service when he was shot by Sheriff’s Office Investigator Joel Hernandez.

Sheriff’s Office spokesman Gary Davidson confirmed Hernandez was in plain clothes and said Hernandez identified himself as a deputy. But Davidson declined to comment on the number of shots Hernandez fired or whether Miller was shot as he sat inside a vehicle. Davidson said he could not comment pending the investigation by the Florida Department of Law Enforcement.

Hernandez was involved in a fatal shooting last year in which he was cleared of wrongdoing. Weeks later the deputy was reprimanded after kicking a resisting man in the face.

Miller’s 25-year-old son, also named Edward, said he was sitting in his pickup parked near his father’s vehicle when the shooting occurred. The son said his father, who is deaf, had a concealed weapons license and had his gun tucked in his waistband and covered by his shirt.

The younger Miller said the deputy fired two bullets through the windshield of the vehicle his father was in and then fired four more shots after that.

Davidson said another deputy, Matthew Andracke, was present and in plain clothes but did not fire his weapon.

According to the story Deputy Hernandez seems to be a bit of a loose cannon and exhibited red flags that should have tipped off his superiors at the Volusia County Sheriff’s Department. Had they caught this Miller would likely be alive today and the agency would not have a public relations hot mess on their hands.

Miller may have had a gun but did have a concealed weapons permit and Florida is one of the most gun friendly states in the union when it comes to firearms laws.