Just as the Obama administration had managed to successfully manage the news cycle to play down the danger of the Ebola virus another case has manifested itself. This time in New York City. Such a thing in the most overpopulated city in America – and probably one of the most unsanitary – will be a serious problem if not contained.  The primary crisis of the Ebola problem, at least to the thoroughly rotten Obama regime has been in how to best contain the political damage in an election year. I strongly suspect that this is why El Presidente tabbed a longtime party hackwith no medical experience as Ebola Czar last week – to serve as a perception manager.

The corrupt state-corporate media then began to smear those critical of President Ebola as tin-foil hatters, truthers and the always effective chosen pejorative of the powerful: conspiracy theorists. What better way to boost the Democrats thanpoliticizing what is a serious national health crisis. It was working wonders too, allowing for the focus to shift back to the pitched battle to keep the Senate under the control of former Nevada Gaming Commissioner Harry Reid but then came Thursday. Craig Spencer, a physician from the relief group Doctors Without Borders who was working in Africa was admitted to a Big Apple hospital. According to a report from The Guardian entitled “Ebola crisis: Doctor at New York hospital tests positive”:

A physician who recently returned to New York from Ebola-ravaged west Africa has tested positive for the disease, officials announced.

Craig Spencer, 33, a doctor who lives in the Harlem neighbourhood of the city, was taken to hospital in New York on Thursday after displaying symptoms consistent with those caused by Ebola, including a fever of 103F (39.5C).

A preliminary test on Thursday confirmed that Spencer, who arrived back in New York from Guinea on 17 October, has the virus. Federal officials at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), which has sent a team to New York City to assist city and state officials in the response, will carry out a further test to confirm the result.

Officials told a press conference at Bellevue hospital on Thursday that they were monitoring four people with whom Spencer had contact. His fiancée, Morgan Dixon, and two friends had been quarantined, while the fourth person, a taxi driver, was not considered to be at risk.

Spencer took several trips on the New York subway in the past week, visited the Gutter bowling alley in the Williamsburg area of Brooklyn on Wednesday night and took an Uber cab, all before he began to display symptoms, officials said.

Nice screening procedures at JFK airport. Wasn’t this just being touted as a way to keep Ebola out? There are reports that Spencer was able to successfully enter the U.S. despite the JFK airport screenings. Maybe it is now time for Plan B which likely is nonexistent considering Obama’s track record. It is also good to see that the doctor lived in Harlem, if there were ever a place outside of West Africa that could be a perfect incubator for a mass pocket of Ebola it would be there. There is surely no shortage of dirty needles and unprotected sexual activity in Harlem to assist in spreading the virus. It’s also nice to see that the CDC is sending a crack team to assist with the response to this latest case of Ebola despite the glaring fact that the institution is thoroughly incompetent. How is that for reassuring?

I am sure that the White House will be sending a team of seasoned propagandists as well to manage the news during Dr. Spencer’s period of treatment.  The Democratic party operatives will probably find some way to play the racial angle on this case as well. This is especially likely when according to McClatchy News that the party is frantic over a lack of enthusiasm exhibited among black voters disgusted with Obama. That is the Dems though, they pander to identity groups like they really “share their pain” and then shit all over them once the votes have been counted and the asses of the politicians are sitting upon their thrones.

One would have to be a complete cynic to draw the conclusion that the latest Federal Reserve boost to the crack-ho markets, the drop in gas prices and nipping Ebola in the bud were all coordinated to manipulate public opinion before a critical election. But when you realize that the power structure of this country is thoroughly packed with cynical connivers and self-motivated scumbags such things would not be outside of their area of expertise. The real cynics turn pro and enter into the political realm and there is no bigger one than President Ebola himself. The fish does rot from the head down as the old Greek proverb puts it.

I wonder if the new Ebola Czar may even start to show up at meetings now.