Friday was a  busy news day in America – all of it bad. There was another school shooting, this time in a Seattle area High School and looking like the blood vengeance of a lover scorned. A deranged man in New York attacked four cops with a hatchet, killing one and adding to the national climate of fear and loathing in that he may have had Islamic leanings. Two California police officers were gunned down in cold blood in another of the senseless acts of violence that now plague America. There was also news of travel restrictions in New York and New Jersey in an attempt to control the spread of Ebola. Trying to nudge his way in between the carnage, President Barack Obama continued to engage in shameless public relations stunts as the crucial mid-term elections grow nearer by the day.

Obama, and by extension the entire rancid gaggle of corrupt clowns that is the Democratic party have been hit hard by the introduction of Ebola into the US. For weeks. They have been frantically trying to put a positive spin on it but the latest case, in New York City has undermined the propaganda. But they are relentless and Barry hosted Nina Pham, one of the nurses who caught the virus from Thomas Eric Duncan at the White House on Friday.

According to a story from The Guardian entitled “Obama hugs Dallas nurse hours after she is declared free of Ebola”:

Barack Obama sought to reassure Americans over the risks of Ebola transmission on Friday by way of a hug in the Oval Office with Nina Pham, the Dallas nurse who had been declared free of the virus only hours earlier.

White House officials said their invitation to Pham had been made to celebrate her full recovery from the illness at a National Institutes of Health facility in nearby Bethesda.

“This an opportunity for the president to thank her for her service,” said spokesman Josh Earnest. “This is someone who displayed the kind of selfless service to her fellow man that is worthy of some praise.”

But he acknowledged the photo opportunity – just hours after fourth US case was confirmed in New York – was also a way to demonstrate the president’s confidence in medical protocols amid growing political criticism of the administration’s handling of the crisis.

It was a warm and fuzzy moment for the increasingly unpopular president and the administration stooges in the corrupt state-corporate media will run with it. They will once more try to conjure up some of that “hope” and “change” that led to Obama’s election in the first place but it is just more of the same old snake oil. Americans are suckers for charlatans preaching a message of  better days ahead, but as is often the case such promises turn out to be fraudulent, this is particularly so with Obama.

I have long believed that nearly every rotten thing in an America that has gone off the rails can be laid at the feet of the positive thinking con game and a culture that encourages blind obedience. Optimism is only another word for denial and a majority of Americans who were for the most part, largely immersed in their fantasy worlds of television and propaganda lunged for the poison bait of the Obama political operation. The Bush years were dismal times indeed and this added to the allure of Obama but he was always an empty suit and in the end has proven to be far worse than Bush in that he can hide behind a smile. It is Fozzie Bear fascism but he has gotten away with it.

The triumph of  Mr. Transparency was a marketing achievement so cynical that Brand Obama was awarded with the honor of being named Advertising Age’sMarketer of the Year. In late 2014 the hope and change have become ashes and sackcloth to those who bought into the scam. Obama’s photo op with Nurse Pham is intended to provide just enough balm to festering sores of the lepers so as to get them to the polls in sufficient numbers one final time so as to preserve the Dem control of the Senate. It is unlikely to work and there are still two weeks for additional Ebola cases to pop up.

The dismal economy and the fact that few Americans outside of tony enclaves like Martha’s Vineyard and The Hampton’s as well as the entitled living within the D.C. beltway are actually better off than they were six years ago is bad but manageable. What really is resonating with Americans though is Ebola. That and the incomprehensible incompetence of the Obama regime in playing down the dangers of a domestic introduction of the virus really pisses people off. Thus the need for gimmicks and staged events to sell that last satisfying hit of hopium before the nation is finally swamped by the deluge of disaster wrought by Obama and his failed policies.

El Presidente can whip out a rag to polish the turd of his legacy until his arm falls off but at the end of the day it will still be a turd.