In a bit of news that seems too bizarre to be true, hooligans disguised as fake clowns are wreaking havoc in France. The story shows another angle used by criminals during the ongoing social unrest across the pond that continues to plague Europe. Just imagine the amount of panic and chaos that would ensue were there to be a series of similar coordinated attacks by disguised fiends in the United States.

It is no laughing matter either with the ongoing series of lone wolf attacks by mentally unstable converts to radical Islam who have stumbled across ISIS fanaticism online. The New York hatchet man who attacked four cops last week and the fanatic in Oklahoma City who beheaded a woman last month are but two examples.

According to a story on the website of The Guardian entitled “Fake clown attacks put French police on alert and trigger vigilante response”:

French police are on high alert after fake clowns caused panic across France in a spreading phenomenon that has led to violence and a response by vigilantes.

Fourteen teenagers dressed as clowns and carrying pistols, knives and baseball bats were arrested outside a school in Agde, southern France on Saturday. One provincial newspaper, Dauphine Libere, wrote: “These clowns aren’t funny anymore”.

While most Americans do not bother with reading any news – let alone foreign news – those who are determined to attack us right here in The Homeland do and the clown story could be an inspiration to them.  This is especially so with Halloween coming and the traditional wearing of costumes and disguises providing cover for those with ill intent. It is not as though we have enough to worry about with the Ebola outbreak and day to day violence and craziness in a society on the downtrend that is lurching towards the abyss of sloth and financial as well as moral bankruptcy.

Copycats and whack jobs of the same type who stumble upon jihadist websites or could use the racial aspects of Ferguson would be particularly susceptible to such stunts – especially with the grand jury verdict coming. The Guardian reports that“the trend, fueled by Facebook and other social media , is spreading – prompting police to issue a national appeal urging people to report the fake clowns.”.

But it doesn’t have to be clowns. It could be any costume or even uniforms of deliverymen, mail carriers or even law enforcement personnel that can be used to mask those who seek to engage in acts of violence and mayhem. The Guy Fawkes mask made famous by the movie “V For Vendetta” has become associated with rebellion and as adopted by the hacker group Anonymous and the government views those wearing at as potentially dangerous. However variable types of clown get ups aren’t so easy to identify.  Trends like this should be what the army of operatives of the national security state is looking for instead of spying on law-abiding citizens and raiding underwear boutiques.

Coincidentally, according to McClatchy the “Obama administration ramps up security amid threats” in the aftermath of the lunatic shooter that attacked the Canadian Parliament building. The heightened state could be just more of the government manipulation of terror levels in days before elections seen before or maybe they have intelligence on something real. Who really knows what is true and false coming out of Washington anymore.

Creepy isn’t it?