A former Republican political operative who switched sides years ago has come out and virtually guaranteed a Hillary Clinton victory in the 2016 presidential election.David Brock, who heads up the liberal media activist organization Media Matters is all in on the Clinton restoration that would finish the job of the destruction of America undertaken by the Obama regime. While Brock has accumulated much clout with liberals – Media Matters is a relentless bogeyman for Fox News personalities – his convictions seem to be based more on opportunism than anything else. Were Brock to successfully assist in engineering the return of Bill and Hillary Clinton to the White House he would be in a position to cash in big time, perhaps even landing a plum position within the circle of trust.

In an article entitled “Once the scourge of Democrats, former Republican plays tough for Hillary Clinton” The Guardian reports that:

David Brock is the name; his trademark, a silver pompadour and Trotsky-style wire-rimmed glasses; his political ethos, to beat Republicans by using an apparatus of quick-response law, ethics groups and journalism groups, a strategy pioneered, naturally, by the Republicans.

“I know from experience that, over a 30-year arc, rightwing conservatives came to dominate American political discourse in the media, and it needs to be countered,” Brock told the Observer last week. “And I know how something like it would work on the progressive side.”

In the culture wars of the mid-90s, Brock, 52, was a far-right hero. He wrote a book casting doubt on the credibility of Anita Hill, the aide who accused supreme court justice Clarence Thomas of sexual harassment. Then, as part of the conservative-funded Arkansas Project, Brock broke the story of “Troopergate” and identified a woman named Paula, aka Paula Jones, one of a string of Bill Clinton “bimbo eruptions” that would culminate in the Monica Lewinsky-inspired impeachment hearings.

Once so committed that his answering machine message said: “Hello, I’m out trying to bring down the president,” Brock has turned on his deep-pocketed former sponsors with a vengeance. First came his sympathetic biography of Hillary Clinton in 1996, followed a year later by an Esquire magazine essay, Confessions of a Right-Wing Hitman, that announced his break with the right. Brock recalled last week how in the mid-90s he began to have “huge reservations about the character and integrity of the people in the conservative movement”.

Everyone loves a sinner redeemed, and Brock is no exception. What he offers is not an ideological or political solution but a willingness to counteract a Republican political machine calibrated to find and exploiting Democrat weaknesses.

In 2004, Brock founded Media Matters for America, a liberal watchdog that helped to bring down Glenn Beck, a Fox News host given to hysterical outbursts, and later helped to publicise comments about “legitimate rape” made to a Missouri TV station by Republican Senate candidate Todd Akin.


While there is residual unease among some liberal operatives that Brock’s conversion story fits into a pattern of opportunism and self-promotion rather than ideological transformation, Brock’s war on the billionaire industrialists Charles and David Koch, coupled with rigorous defence of Hillary Clinton, has earned him growing influence in progressive circles.

Brock acknowledges only that his mission is to counter rightwing attacks, though the focus of those attacks – and thus the rapid-response resources of American Bridge – are clearly centred on preventing opponents from defining Clinton during her candidacy-in-waiting. The left-leaning publication the Nation recently described Brock’s political apparatus as designed “to put Hillary in the White House”.

You always have to wonder when one becomes a turncoat – take for example former Clinton henchman Dick Morris who is a political mercenary – what the underlying motivation behind the move is. Brock does have an obvious ax to grind with the GOP in that he is openly gay and back when he made the break from the GOP it was an era when the social acceptance of such was not what it is in 2014. Some reports indicated that Brock was harassed over being gay despite being the golden boy to the extent that he was able to land a large book deal for writing “The Seduction of Hillary Rodham”. Brock’s book was less than the blistering expose of Mrs. Clinton than expected and he made the break. He has since cashed in by penning his own confession “Blinded by the Right” followed by “The Republican Noise Machine” before ending up at Media Matters. He has continued to construct an activist propaganda machine to serve his masters the Clintons and the loathsome Democratic party.

Mr. Brock, just like Slick Willie and Hillary are textbook examples of all that is wrong in American politics today. His leeching onto the Clinton gravy train exposes him as yet another of the rank charlatans who are only in it all for the money.