Republican House Speaker John Boehner is in big trouble already. In only slightly more than a month after a historic wave election that washed the Democrats from power like leftover vomit off a street he is once again struggling with his own relevance. In the waning days of the lame duck Congress the current and future top House Republican is desperately trying to avoid another partial government shutdown as a protest against Emperor Obama’s amnesty decree. And he is prepared to cut a deal with the Dems to do it.

A temporary shutdown would be bad for the business of high-rolling campaign contributors. This is particularly so with the Wall Street based financial speculation industry that is packed with the modern equivalents of what George Washington once referred to as  “a corrupt squadron of paper dealers”. It would immediately taint Boehner as a bad return on investment and would bode ill for the future of a career suckler at the taxpayer teat who hasn’t had a real job in decades. The liberal propagandists would also be on Boehner after a shutdown like an avenging army of winged monkeys and while Boehner always talks a big game he has continued to show that he lacks the guts for an actual fight.

So Mr. Boehner is now prepared to grovel before the Democrats in order to get the needed votes and marginalize conservative lawmakers in his own caucus. Reuters, in a story entitled “Boehner vows to avoid government shutdown with help from Democrats” reports that:

Overriding objections from some conservative Republicans, U.S. House Speaker John Boehner vowed on Thursday to plow ahead with a spending bill that averts a government shutdown while keeping some budget “leverage” over President Barack Obama’s immigration order.

Boehner said he expected the bill, which provides full funding for all government agencies except the Department of Homeland Security through September 2015, to pass next week with some votes from Democrats, just ahead of a Dec. 11 deadline.

The department, which controls the agencies that would implement Obama’s plan to allow millions of undocumented immigrants to stay and work in the United States, would get only a short-term funding extension, likely until sometime in February, Republican lawmakers said.

At that time, Republicans will be in a better position to restrict spending on immigration-related items since they take control of the Senate and expand their majority in the House of Representatives in the new year following the November midterm elections.

“We think this is the most practical way to fight the president’s action,” Boehner told a news conference. “And we listened to our members.”

Indeed he “listened to our members” and then told them to pound sand while slithering across the aisle to plead with Nancy “Weasel Queen” Pelosi for help. How Boehner continues to survive is a great mystery, he is like a human version of a cockroach. It doesn’t hurt the orange hued Ohioan that arch-rival Eric Cantor slipped up and was taken down in his Virginia district primary leaving no legitimate challenge to Boehner’s incompetent leadership. For any seeking real change once the new session of Congress kicks off they are likely to be disappointed because after passing a few stupid and meaningless bills that appeal to particular demographics Boehner will already be campaigning to retain his position in 2016.

It is truly a shame that this charlatan continues to control the House of Representatives with an iron fist because America deserves better. Swine like Boehner – as well as his entrenched Democrat leadership counterparts – are just killing America with their feckless careerism and the lack of legitimate challengers with new and serious ideas for the future.