There is no shortage of Grinches in America when it comes to Christmas. What is the most wonderful time of the year for millions is also an opportunity for cranks, killjoys and atheists to do their damned level best to ruin it for others. Instead of being respectful to the religious beliefs of their fellow citizens – in particular regarding Christmas – the holiday season too often disintegrates into political scrums and verbal muggings by the political correctness Nazis. Then there are those who take it to the next level as an incident in south Florida shows.

According to a story from the website from The Miami Herald  entitled “Coral Gables nativity scene vandalized, baby Jesus stolen”:

Coral Gables police have asked the public for any clues about who stole the cornerstone of a city nativity scene Wednesday and vandalized the surrounding statues.

The vandals, police said, sprayed the statues with blue and yellow paint and stole the baby Jesus from the nativity scene at 121 Alhambra Plaza.

The property is owned by the Allen Morris Co., a real estate firm that manages Alhambra Towers.

“We are deeply concerned and saddened by the events of vandalism,” the company said in a statement. “The building management is working closely with the authorities in their investigation.”

The baby Jesus statue is valued at about $2,500.

It’s pretty damned cold-hearted when they even take baby Jesus. I have never personally bought into all of that war on Christmas stuff, call me a cynic but I believe that we just live in a society filled with bitter and disrespectful assholes. Three such types made the critical tactical blunder of getting caught on a surveillance camera after they hijacked the replica of our lord and savior and they may end up spending Christmas in the local jail.

It is a certainty that the Coral Gables nativity scene attack will not be the last as there are still eighteen shopping days left until Christmas.