The 2016 presidential campaign season has now semi-officially kicked off with a Democrat backing PAC releasing a “scouting report” on 20 potential GOP candidates. The PAC which is called The American Bridge 21st Century Foundation is headed up by former Republican operative David Brock who switched sides years ago. Brock, who has vowed to put Hillary Clinton into the White House has become a scourge of conservative media personalities with his group Media Matters and now is taking aim at the actual candidates. While the Clintons are careful to not have their fingerprints on this thing the fact that Brock is outspokenly committed to making the American nightmare of a Hillary Clinton presidency a reality is telling.

As McClatchy reports in a story entitled “Democratic group offers guide to GOP White House hopefuls”:

The 2014 election cycle ended Saturday, so it must be time for the 2016 presidential cycle to rev up.

Sure enough, Monday, a group loyal to Democrats issued a 204-page guide to potential Republican candidates, complete with 1,221 footnotes.

“American Bridge has dug into the least sexy – but most important – part of politics: the issue research, the fact-based research, the record research, and the video tracking of candidates that is essential to the political process,” the guide explains.

It offers resumes, scandals, issue positions and more for 20 potential Republicans, including some rarely mentioned. The familiar names are there – New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, Sens. Rand Paul of Kentucky, Ted Cruz of Texas and Marco Rubio of Florida among others.

There are some others less in the public eye, like former United Nations Ambassador John Bolton, New Mexico Gov. Susana Martinez and South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley. 2012 Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney gets only a mention.

There are really only three Republicans who have the ability to cobble together a legitimate presidential bid and they are Rand Paul, Mitt Romney and Jeb Bush. American Bridge has seemingly engaged in a lot of stuffing of material on irrelevant outliers who are either too dumb, too inexperienced or too much of an embarrassment to ever win a national election. Notable is the absence of Sarah Palin whose meteoric fall from the political scene after enjoying the prominence of celebrity is stunning.

While the “scouting report” is likely inferior to what the GOP and its PACs have compiled – after all, the Democrats only have one serious nominee with plenty of baggage– I am all for scrutinizing politicians. Let’s face it, if one has chosen national politics for a vocation you have to be well versed in the art of the sell out and capable of spewing out lies, half-truths and prevarications without hesitation. A big reason why we have such a thoroughly rotten system in the republic of Obamastan is an apathetic and self-absorbed public that for the most part only tunes in a couple of months before every presidential election. Hell, nearly half the country isn’t even interested in voting at all unless it is on American Idol or Dancing With the Stars.

Cue up the calliope because the circus is about to begin.