Emperor Obama has a new partner in John Boehner and the dynamic duo are like proud papas this morning after the humongous $1.1 trillion “Cromnibus”successfully exited the House last night. Boehner was finally able to tell conservatives to stick it by luring 57 Democrats to offset those horrified at the funding of Barry’s decree on amnesty for millions of illegal aliens. The final tally was 219-206 for the biggest scam of the year,  It is a damning indictment of this country’s political system, especially after the November wave election that delivered full control of Congress to the GOP. Big money talked yesterday and it has the loudest voice of all in the best democracy that money can buy.

In addition to funding Obama’s amnesty, the bill also further bolsters the American oligarchy in removing more restrictions on campaign donations as well as ensuring that Wall Street banks will continue to be able to count on the taxpayer backstopping their derivatives gambling schemes. The latter caused something of a mutiny by some liberal Democrats but Obama, VP Joe “Foghorn Leghorn” Biden and Chief of Staff Dennis McDonough worked furiously to shore up support. The ability of Obama and Boehner to lure enough Dems more than offset the 67 Republicans who voted against the massive taxpayer ripoff, there is always bipartisanship when it comes to the really bad things.

The Washington Post which is the newspaper of record for the beltway elite and the wealthy suburbs filled with millions of bureaucrats, contractors and assorted others supported by you and I does a little victory dance. The piece, entitled “Why conservative Republicans consider the spending bill a betrayal” states that:

While liberals have led the charge against the new spending bill, many conservative Republicans are opposed to the proposal because it does little to address spending cuts, doesn’t challenge President Obama’s executive action on immigration and leaves the Affordable Care Act intact.

The 1,603-page spending bill, proposed on the heels of a momentous victory in the midterms for Republicans, addresses a number of key conservative-supported changes, including the undoing of a provision of the Dodd-Frank financial regulatory overhaul that would loosen restrictions on the use of exotic investments known as derivatives by banks. It also proposes to increase the ceiling for campaign contributions by wealthy couples.

But the spending bill’s shortcomings far outweigh its benefits, as far as several conservative groups are concerned. Both Heritage Action and Club for Growth, two key conservative advocacy organizations, have campaigned against the $1.01 trillion bill for its lack of spending cuts, and failure to defund both the president’s immigration order and the Affordable Care Act.

From a conservative standpoint, this amounts to a betrayal (as exemplified by right-wing news site Drudge Report’s lead headline from earlier this week).

“Christmas has come early for the big spenders in Congress who have been experiencing long-term withdrawal from the earmark ban,” the Club for Growth said in a statement urging its members to vote against the bill.

The Affordable Care Act, passed in 2010, is one of Obama’s major legislative victories. It has also become a key target for conservatives, who have branded it a government takeover of the health sector and demanded that it be defunded. But the current bill, although it offers no new money for the program, still promises to fund it.

The $1.1 trillion monstrosity now heads to the Senate where it will be rubber-stamped before being sent to Obama for his seal of approval. In terms of political cynicism I can’t recall another time that voters who delivered a mandate were so quickly shit on by their corrupt career politician leaders. Boehner has to be riding high now, he is rid of his overly ambitious competitor Eric Cantor, has cobbled together a coalition with just enough Democrats to screw Americans six ways from Sunday and gets the added benefit of having Obama scratch his belly.

Christmas did indeed come early for the entrenched charlatans and con artists masquerading as our elected representatives and their well-heeled backers. The average American though got nothing but a stocking full of coal and a few meager crumbs that fell off the banquet table. If you think that conservatives are pissed now just wait until 2015 when Boehner and his ilk continue to sell them out with ridiculous, meaningless bills before quickly shifting back into campaign mode for the next election in 2016.