In what appears another skirmish in the so-called “War on Christmas” spoilsports have stolen a 200 reindeer replica in California. The statue was a cherished holiday icon of the local community and had been a symbol of the hap, hap, happiest time of the year for nearly half a century.  It happens every year that some cold-hearted killjoys have to do their damned level best to ruin a festive occasion for others. And no they should not be referred to as “Grinches” which is an insult to the Grinch – they are just plain old ass-clowns with a crappy attitude.

As reported by a story on the website of Los Angeles TV station CBS2/KCAL9 entitled “200-Pound Iconic Rudolph Statue Taken From Rolling Hills Estates”:

Someone has made off with a 200-pound wooden Rudolph statue from a neighborhood in Los Angeles County.

The theft of the statue, which sits atop Ranchview Road in the Rolling Hills Estates area, occurred Friday night.

The iconic statue has been a fixture in the community for 50 years.

The culprits left his broken antler behind, reported CBS2’s Bobby Kaple.

“The neighbor says, ‘Oh my gosh, please tell me Rudolph,’ and I said, ‘No,’” said Korry Taylor, the HOA president.

Taylor and her husband have been charged with taking care of the wooden reindeer for years.

“He’s been up there for literally 50 years and he’s one-of-a-kind. He’s handmade. Hand-painted. And the thought that someone would take him, it’s just heartbreaking,” she said.

Tim Taylor, Korry’s husband, said: “I originally thought, ‘Well, maybe it’s a prank. That somebody would bring him back.’ But it’s been a couple of days now and we haven’t seen him yet.”

Missing posters have now been distributed to try and locate the statue and the Lomita Sheriff’s station has taken a police report.

“It is the lowest of low. I mean, especially at Christmas time. I literally cannot imagine someone taking Rudolph,” Taylor said.

Stooping low it is, even lower than the proverbial whale shit that lies on the bottom of the sea. While Christmas often brings out the obligatory nativity scene vandals – including some in Florida who even took baby Jesus – it is plumbing the depths to hijack Rudolph. Just think how the kids in Rolling Hills Estates must feel and how difficult for parents to explain such a thing. There is just no respect in America anymore and sadly this is often most evident at the one time when we all should be celebrating a season of peace and joy.

While I strongly oppose police violence it would not exactly be heartbreaking if LA cops were to find the perpetrator(s) and do a Rodney King style beat-down on their lousy asses.