Some of the American royalty in the U.S. Senate are downright perturbed by having to work over the weekend in order to hammer out the deal with the devil on the $1.1 trillion “Cromnibus”. The Senators were planning on beginning their extended holiday vacation on the taxpayer dole early and stories have emerged of a number of them carping and whining over the extra hours. It seems to be popular – especially with some of the more feckless Republicans – to blame Texas Senator Ted Cruz for being the Grinch who stole Christmas.

One such whiner is Senator Kelly Ayotte of New Hampshire who is apoplectic that she had to cancel her plans to take her daughter to see the classic Christmas playThe Nutcracker. As reported by Politico in a story entitled “Ted Cruz Does it Again”, Ayotte and others show that they have the temperament of a pack of petulant spoiled children.

According to the Politico story:

Sen. Kelly Ayotte returned home to New Hampshire on Friday, planning to see “The Nutcracker” with her daughter this weekend.

But there was an unexpected conflict: Texas Sen. Ted Cruz.

Cruz, along with Utah Sen. Mike Lee, took to the floor Friday night to demand Republicans stop President Barack Obama’s executive action on immigration and scuttled a bipartisan agreement to push back votes until Monday, effectively forcing the Senate to return for a rare weekend session and cast a marathon series of procedural votes.

Senior Republicans say there’s a problem with Cruz’s strategy: The GOP lacks the votes to stop Obama on immigration now, the $1.1 trillion spending package was speeding to passage, and they won’t resort to shutting down the government to mount their objections. Plus, the weekend session could allow Obama to get even more of his nominees confirmed.

Republican leaders Boehner and McConnell, comfortably ensconced in their posh jobs for another term have punted and are making excuses. The postponement of a battle over the funding of the bloated Department of Homeland Security (DHS) until the end of February is horseshit. There will be no action whatsoever because Obama will play the fear card and insist that there will be rampaging Islamist extremists in the streets if full funding isn’t provided and the Republican leadership will meekly cave in again. Meanwhile, the failure to take a stand against Emperor Obama’s decree is the proverbial camel’s nose under the tent because the amnesty will be expanded to include more than the initial 4 million.

Again I excerpt from Politico’s “Ted Cruz Does it Again”:

“I think this is ridiculous,” Ayotte said in an interview.

The fiasco has turned many of Cruz’s colleagues openly against him, a dynamic that might bolster his cred with the tea party wing of the party if he makes a run for the GOP’s presidential nomination in 2016, but could also leave him vulnerable to attacks that he’s more troublemaker than leader — able to shut down the government or stall votes but unable to advance a proactive agenda.

On Saturday, GOP senator after GOP senator teed off on Cruz, arguing that his strategy had blindsided the caucus, forced them to return to Washington and even strengthened Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid’s ability to exploit the Senate rules and push through 24 of Obama’s stalled nominees. Several senators had to abruptly change plans, including Ayotte, who had to race back to Washington and missed the ballet with her daughter, and Tennessee Sen. Bob Corker, who had to cancel his official trip to Iraq and Turkey this weekend.


On the Senate floor Saturday afternoon, Cruz was defending himself as he was surrounded by a host of GOP senators, including Ayotte, Collins and Deb Fischer of Nebraska.

In the meantime, you are going to make everybody miserable,” Collins said sternly to Cruz, as she shook her head. She walked away, looked at Hatch and said: “I tried.”

Ayotte’s snit shows exactly where the priorities of a good number of our so-called “representatives” truly lie. Never mind that the “Cromnibus” is not only the most expensive, greasy pork sandwich in history but it also allows for amnesty for millions of illegal aliens and puts the taxpayers on the hook for more Wall Street bailouts. But getting off of work early to go and see The Nutcracker or some other selfish nonsense is more important. It speaks volumes about how badly that a giant enema bag nozzle needs to be inserted into Congress and the rubber bulb given a damned hard squeeze.

It is has been a hell of a long time since “Mr. Smith Goes to Washington”.