The Internal Revenue Service, the all-powerful agency that serves as El Presidente’s muscle in going after political opposition groups is wailing about having to make drastic alterations due to upcoming budget cuts. During a Thursday press conference IRS Commissioner John Koskinen played to the media presstitutes by warning that the mean Republicans were going to delay income tax refunds this coming spring. The agency is notorious for the harassment of American businesses and taxpayers even when the sitting president doesn’t have an absolute hard-on for abusing his power to target political groups. I am not sure that I can ever recall an IRS Commissioner playing to the media like Mr. Koskinen did today in an obvious attempt to inject politics into what should be a routine, impartial bureaucratic job.

As reported by The Hill in a story entitled “IRS: Budget cuts could delay refunds”:

Budget cuts backed by congressional Republicans could delay tax refunds in 2015, IRS Commissioner John Koskinen told reporters on Thursday.

“Everybody’s return will get processed,” Koskinen said at a news conference. “But people have gotten very used to being able to file their return and quickly get a refund. This year we may not have the resources.”

Koskinen painted a dire picture of the fallout from the $346 million cut that the IRS received in the recent year-end spending deal. Because of a government-wide pay raise next year, the IRS will have to pay out an extra $250 million in salaries and other expenses — creating in essence, Koskinen said, a $600 million hole for the agency to fill.

Already, Koskinen told employees this week that the agency would have to stop handing out overtime, in all but emergency situations, and freeze hiring. The IRS will still hire temporary staff to help out during the filing season, Koskinen said Thursday.

Still, the commissioner stressed that the budget cuts will undoubtedly make life more difficult for taxpayers once the 2015 filing season opens. Taxpayers trying to reach the IRS will have only about a 50-50 shot at getting their call answered — and those that do can expect to be on hold for awhile, Koskinen said.

One group that will be helped by the budget cuts are taxpayers trying to evade their bill, Koskinen said, labeling the funding reduction a “tax cut for tax cheats.”

As anyone with a functional set of eyes and ears should fully understand “tax cheats” is code speak for “political opponents” – in particular conservatives and tea party affiliated organizations. It is pretty ballsy to preach doom to a gullible, ignorant and fear-filled public in such a manner and the Democrats will assuredly be using the implied threat as a fund-raising tactic. Such is life in the star-spangled banana republic of Obamastan.

While the IRS will indeed be dinged by upcoming cuts it isn’t being squeezed nearly hard enough by the continually half-assed leadership of Republican speaker John Boehner. Given the history of harassment and abuses by a veritable American Gestapo that is free to operate in God mode it should not only be defunded but dismantled once and for all. As the doomed President John F. Kennedy reportedly once said of the CIA – it should be broken up into a thousand pieces and scattered to the winds – or something along those lines. That is exactly what should be done with the Internal Revenue Service, especially considering how the agency has been weaponized under the rogue Obama regime. It is a menace to America and at the hands of a renegade chief executive could impose a tyranny not unlike that of Stalin’s Russia.