Facing an entitled Senate full of caterwauling crybabies as well as a media vilification campaign Ted Cruz has apologized to fellow Senators for making them work overtime. With the American political elite ready to just rubberstamp the abominable pork filled, banker bailout enabling horror that is the $1.1 “Cromnibus” and get on with their extended holiday vacation Cruz threw a monkey wrench into the plans of many. Some, including influential New Hampshire Senator Kelly Ayotte – the new third Amigo for John McCain and Lindsey Graham – took their whining to the media. Cruz’s gambit also backfired by allowing the sneaky Harry Reid toexploit a loophole to confirm numerous stalled Obama nominees including gun-grabber Vivek Murthy as Surgeon General.

Mr. Cruz incurred the wrath of the highfalutin parasites who have been feasting off of the American taxpayer over daring to try to challenge Emperor Barack Obama’s amnesty for illegal aliens decree by taking a stand on principle. Little did he expect that none of the arrogant, well fed, pampered ‘representatives’ of the American people would not only fail to have his back but would leave him twisting in the wind. So Ted Cruz did what would be expected of a guy who was thrown under the bus and backed down. It is a huge disappointment to those who saw in him a maverick who would finally break free from the rat pack that is the U.S. Congress to demand some accountability from a rogue administration hellbent at finishing the job of wrecking the country.

According to a Reuters in a story entitled “Firebrand Senator Ted Cruz apologizes for U.S. spending bill ruckus”:

U.S. Senator Ted Cruz, the Texas Tea Party firebrand who nearly provoked the second government shutdown in a little over a year, on Tuesday apologized to his fellow Republicans for a strategy that backfired.

A Cruz spokeswoman said the senator apologized to colleagues “for inconveniencing their personal schedules” over the weekend. Cruz still believes, the spokeswoman said, that fighting to stop President Barack Obama’s new program easing deportations for millions of illegal immigrants “was critically important.”

The apology to Republican senators came at a closed-door lunch when Cruz, a possible 2016 presidential candidate, “was contrite and made an effort to explain to people he wished he hadn’t done it,” said a source familiar with the meeting.

Cruz sparked a public rebuke by fellow Republican senators. They criticized the Texan for forcing the Senate to be in session Friday night and through Saturday because he refused to allow quick passage of a $1.1 trillion bill keeping the government running beyond midnight Saturday.

Cruz’s actions inadvertently allowed Democratic leaders to advance nearly two dozen Obama nominees. These included Sarah Saldana, chosen to head the Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency. Republicans had been trying to block some of those nominations.

Some Republican senators had been privately talking up the need to punish Cruz, according to Senate Republican aides.

Among ideas were possibly denying Cruz committee assignments or “blocking him from being able to offer things,” one aide said.

The piling on of Cruz is widespread with websites of media sources spanning the political spectrum getting good mileage out of running the story of his apology to teach the renegade a lesson. A short list of those piling on include Politico, The Wall Street Journal, Fox News, CNN and of course the Washington Post. WAPO resident neocon shill Jennifer Rubin has taken to bashing Cruz like a duck takes to water which gives her another GOP anti-establishment target other than Rand Paul who she has savaged for months.

Cruz had been mentioned along with others as a potential 2016 Republican presidential candidate but with the impending coronation of Jeb Bush by the party bosses and their well-heeled funders it appears that ship has now sailed. Two years prior to the election to be Obama’s successor Americans can revel in their “democracy” in that both candidates have already pretty much been chosen for them. God forbid that the little people are able to actually have any choice in matters of policy and who governs them.

So Cruz gets served up a nice helping of crow for the holidays much to the delight of the aggrieved lawmakers who had to cancel their weekend plans. Kelly Ayotte may have missed The Nutcracker by actually having to work overtime but is surely reveling in the indignity inflicted upon Cruz by his so-called peers.