Following a relentless propaganda campaign that induced hordes of gullible schmucks to show their “patriotism” by going to see a tasteless movie on Christmas, the mighty Wurlitzers are purring again this morning.  In comments attributed to the North Korean regime of the petulant Kim Jong Un – whose mock assassination was the centerpiece of the movie The Interview – Emperor Barack Obama has been called out as a “monkey”. The blistering denunciation of Dear Leader comes along with a denial that the Un regime had any responsibility in the Sony hacking caper despite being targeted by the mainstream media’s holiday edition of the “two minutes hate”. It is a sentiment that is being echoed by cybersecurity experts that makes it increasingly likely that the Obama regime was behind the entire affair – or at least the co-opting of the hack for the purpose of demonizing North Korea.

While the translations differ somewhat in what was actually said about Mr. Obama – “a monkey living in a tropical forest” is the most widely reported – it is sure to feed right into the bread and butter of the administration which is racial politics. While skeptical liberals may not have been onboard with dressing themselves up in red, white and blue garb and filling theaters to strike a blow for the financial interests of a Japanese corporation they will eat the “money” remarks up. Sad that it has come to where racism is so easily exploited for cheap political gain here in The Homeland and it has done nothing but contribute to an already toxic mix of social problems, particularly in the aftermath of Ferguson.

As reported by AFP via Yahoo News via in a story entitled “N. Korea calls Obama ‘monkey’, blames US for blackout”:

North Korea on Saturday called US President Barack Obama a “monkey” for inciting cinemas to screen a comedy featuring a fictional plot to kill its leader, and blamed Washington for an Internet blackout this week.

The isolated dictatorship’s powerful National Defence Commission (NDC) threatened “inescapable deadly blows” over the film and accused the US of “disturbing the Internet operation” of North Korean media outlets.

The Internet outage triggered speculation that US authorities may have launched a cyber-attack in retaliation for the hacking of Sony Pictures — the studio behind madcap North Korea comedy “The Interview”.

Washington has said the attack on Sony was carried out by Pyongyang.

The NDC accused Obama of taking the lead in encouraging cinemas to screen “The Interview” on Christmas Day. Sony had initially cancelled its release after major US cinema chains said they would not show it, following threats by hackers aimed at cinemagoers.

“Obama always goes reckless in words and deeds like a monkey in a tropical forest,” a spokesman for the NDC’s policy department said in a statement published by the North’s official KCNA news agency.

The corrupt state-corporate media is doing their jobs and running with the “monkey” story today to gin up the maximum amount of outrage with all hands on deck. ABC has “N. Korea Calls Obama ‘Monkey’ in Hacking Row”.  CNN chimes in with “North Korea lambasts U.S. over ‘The Interview,’ says Obama is the ‘culprit’”. Fox News reports “N. Korea blames US for internet shutdown, hurls racist comment toward Obama” and there are hundreds of other lesser media outlets flogging the same story. Per Fox News, it wasn’t the first time that a high U.S. official has been dissed lately as North Korea – GASP – “called U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry a wolf with a “hideous” lantern jaw”. I am sure that The Interview will continue to play to packed houses of suckers wrapping themselves in the flag throughout the weekend.

So why play up the race card to justify foreign policy goals?  it is fortuitous timing that the Sony hacking and blaming of North Korea happens to coincide with an Obama push to get the ultra-secret Trans Pacific Trade Partnership (TPP) passed. The Washington Post has reported that one of Obama’s first orders of business in the new year will be to cut a deal with Republican leaders to put the TPP put into place despite the average American having zero say in the matter. The sovereignty destroying “free trade” deal has been called “NAFTA on steroids” and we all can see how well that one turned out. It will be far easier selling this latest stabbing in the back of the American people if there is a regional bogeyman – like North Korea and it’s deranged leader- to use as justification.

One can only imagine the parade of slobbering, jabbering, self-aggrandizing political monkeys that will adorn the panels of the Sunday morning “news” shows this weekend.