A last ditch effort by German Chancellor Angela Merkel and French President Francois Hollande to try to negotiate a cease fire in civil war torn Ukraine has sent Senator John McCain into orbit. After he and his butt-buddy, South Carolina Senator and possible presidential candidate Lindsey Graham had practically sealed the deal for a massive transfer of U.S. military weaponry to Kiev, Frau Merkel has dared to throw a monkey wrench into things. The two European leaders traveled to Moscow to meet with the hated Russian President Vladimir Putin in order to try to prevent what could be the beginning of World War III. Granted that Putin is a world class fascist prick but when it comes to a pathological bloodlust and white hot contempt for democracy, Senator McCain is right up there with him.

The Ukraine situation is deteriorating badly after the still sketchy overthrow of sitting president Viktor Yanukovych sent the country spinning into sectarian chaos last year. Despite Emperor Obama and his moronic goon of a Secretary of State John Kerry’s best efforts to impose economic sanctions on Russia, Ukraine continues to be a war zone. Now the insane warmongers like McCain are on the cusp of sending lethal weaponry to Kiev which is only going to ignite an already dangerous situation. In case none of the best and the brightest geniuses who are running U.S. foreign policy these days have noticed, Russia is a nuclear power with thousands of long-range missiles, many of them ICBMs. This isn’t Iraq or Afghanistan and it is lunacy to escalate the situation in such a reckless manner.

Merkel understands this – Germany and Russia have a rather bloody history when it comes to global conflagrations – but the peace talks are destined for failure thanks to the likes of McCain and Graham. The dynamic duo are always afforded an inordinate amount of national media attention as they bray for the children of American mothers to be fed into the meat-grinder for the sake of higher profits for the arms merchants that they really work for.

As reported by Reuters in the story “Merkel defends Ukraine arms stance in face of U.S. criticism”:

U.S. senators Lyndsey Graham and John McCain, both Republican hawks, were withering in their criticism of the German stance, which is supported by other big European countries like France.

“At the end of the day, to our European friends, this is not working,” Graham said of Merkel’s diplomatic efforts. “You can go to Moscow until you turn blue in the face. Stand up to what is clearly a lie and a danger.”

McCain added: “The Ukrainians are being slaughtered and we’re sending them blankets and meals. Blankets don’t do well against Russian tanks.”

Russia’s annexation of the Crimean peninsula in March last year and evidence that it is supporting separatist forces in the east of the country, which the Kremlin denies, have driven Moscow’s relations with the West to a post-Cold War low.

The EU and United States have imposed a series of sanctions against Moscow that have contributed to a sharp downturn in the Russian economy.

Merkel and her allies in Europe want to continue to punish Russia by tightening the economic screws. Obama faces pressure from members of Congress to do more.

In an emotional plea for support in Munich, Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko listed the number of troops and civilians that had been killed since the crisis started and held up red passports of Russian soldiers he said had been found fighting in Ukraine.

The American media never once questions any of the claims of the corrupt oligarch Petro Poroshenko aka “The Chocolate King” by asking for proof when he whips out stage props like a few passports that he claims belonged to Russkie invaders. Hell, if every report of Russian tank columns entering Ukraine over the past year are indeed the truth then why doesn’t the flag of the Russian Federation currently fly from all government buildings in Kiev? Americans should be very careful to not swallow the poison bait of longtime con men like McCain and his ilk, especially when considering the far-reaching consequences of sending American weaponry and eventually troops to within a few hundred miles of Russia’s borders.

Not that I am defending Putin, a man who earned the eternal hatred of Obama and the establishment after he punked them by thwarting their war plans on Syria, but our own “leaders” are not exactly the paragons of morality that they revel in presenting themselves as. They are just better at pretending not to be liars, killers, cheats and enemies of democracy than Putin is. If McCain wants war so badly someone should just give the old bastard a rifle along with a one way ticket to Donetsk.

It is also a serious distraction from the trouble that is brewing across the Middle East that actually has the potential to become a threat to the American Homeland by spawning another terrorist attack like September 11, 2001. Regardless of it being formally acknowledged by Obama, there is a very real problem with an increasingly emboldened and growing by the day menace of extremist Islamic jihadist elements hellbent on attacking America. Republican political candidates are just as guilty of downplaying this threat by using it as a cheap electoral gimmick therefore trivializing it and people are going to die as a result of their cynicism. Nothing could truly be more pleasing to radical clerics and their adherents throughout the Muslim world than the U.S.A. getting bogged down in a no win situation in Ukraine while they continue to build their caliphate.

People should think about that because this is an entirely preventable disaster.