Liberals and progressives are the type that come to mind when considering P.T. Barnum’s famous quote that there is “a sucker born every minute” and they never stop trying to live up to being chumps. In 2008 they bought into the Barack Obama snake oil and after having ample evidence that it was a defective product, came back to buy another batch in 2012. The O-Bots are still living in a constant state of denial about the reality that their illustrious leader is one of history’s greatest bullshit artists and are still waiting for Obama to be Obama. But he is doing exactly that and the great marketing  to sell all of that “hopey changey stuff” was always bogus which is why Advertising Age magazine named Obama as their 2008 Marketer of the Year.

The “new” Obama with the so-called left is Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren who advertises herself to be an opponent of too big to fail Wall Street gambling houses – except when she isn’t. Ms. Warren is just another phony and a Trojan Horse for the establishment designed to stick it to liberals only with a sugar coating. She has always been a devious flip-flopper, word-parser and deep cover agent for the elite and now her true nature is on full display. Warren has come out in opposition to efforts to conduct an audit on the grand temple of the moneychangers that is the Federal Reserve.

As reported by the Wall Street Journal “Sen. Warren Opposes ‘Audit the Fed’ Bill”:

A critical question for Sen. Rand Paul’s effort to expand oversight of the Federal Reserve’s interest-rate decisions is whether he could win support from the central bank’s leftist critics in Congress.

But one of the Senate’s most prominent liberal Democrats says she’s not on board.

Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D., Mass.), a member of the Banking Committee and an outspoken critic of the Fed’s oversight of big banks, said she does not support Mr. Paul’s proposed legislation, which she said could have “dangerous” implications for monetary policy.

“I strongly support and continue to press for greater congressional oversight of the Fed’s regulatory and supervisory responsibilities, and I believe the Fed’s balance sheet should be regularly audited – which the law already requires,” Ms. Warren said in an emailed statement. “But I oppose the current version of this bill because it promotes congressional meddling in the Fed’s monetary policy decisions, which risks politicizing those decisions and may have dangerous implications for financial stability and the health of the global economy.”

It’s not surprising at all that another prominent Democrat turns out to be a complete fraud but liberals should have seen this coming when she exaggerated her Native American heritage back when she was running for her Senate seat. But they are still waiting for Obama to be Obama, the Michael Jordan of politics just studying the defense of the Detroit Pistons Bad Boys before he will explode in a whirling dervish of sheer will, breaking down the opposition and winning the championship. Or the black Spock who is playing ten dimensional chess while all of his opponents are still playing checkers. Got news for the libs, it ain’t going to happen and your puppy love crush on Elizabeth Warren is just going to break your bleeding hearts once again.

By openly throwing in with the Fed the woman has now outed herself as just one more member of the controlled opposition that protects a system gone to rot.