The push for the total surveillance society continues with El Presidente just signing another one of his decrees Friday to push for corporations to “share” data with the federal government. Obama paid a visit to Silicon Valley for a public relations exercise called the “White House summit on Cybersecurity and Consumer Protection” at Stanford University to sell the latest attack on civil liberties. This has been coming ever since the alleged North Korean involvement in the Sony hack that to this day has never been backed up by evidence. The allegations accompanied the holiday media frenzy over the movie The Interview that were used to whip up the sheeple into a lather of fear, dread and patriotic fervor. The whole thing smacked of a false flag operation from the beginning with the end result being the imposition of the latest version of CISPA (The Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act) on the American public.

As reported by The Washington Post in a story entitled “Obama signs executive order on sharing cybersecurity threat information”:

President Obama signed an executive order Friday that urges companies to share cybersecurity-threat information with one another and the federal government.

Obama signed the order, which is advisory in nature, at the first White House summit on Cybersecurity and Consumer Protection at Stanford University here. The summit, which focused on public-private partnerships and consumer protection, is part of a recent White House push to focus on cybersecurity.

Obama said the prospect of cyberattacks are one of the nation’s most pressing national security, economic and safety issues. The specter of a cyberattack crippling the nation’s air traffic control system or a city with a blackout is real, and hacks such as the one on Sony Pictures last year are “hurting America’s companies and costing American jobs.” He also said they are a threat to the security and well-being of children who are online.

There is a word for the merger of state and corporate power and that word is fascism.  The push to get corporations to effectively meld with a government gone rogue and drunk on accumulating ever more power in the post 9/11 era is exactly that. Despite all of the controversy over the leaks by former government contractor turned NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden there still have been no serious efforts made to slap any oversight on the unconstitutional surveillance programs.

If anything, even more sneaky ways to circumvent accountability have been implemented and Obama’s big cybersecurity drive is one of them. It is not that there isn’t a legitimate need to have intelligence agencies going after real terrorists and they should have the tools to do so. However, the Bush and Obama regimes have gone completely over the line by snooping on millions of law abiding Americans without so much as a warrant and continuing to lie about it all.

While Obama’s executive order is of an “advisory” nature and the real damage needs to be done by the criminals in congress it is a foregone conclusion that a bill will inevitably find its way to Barry’s desk.