Finally fighting back after being repeatedly pummeled by political correctness Nazis, bothersome identity group activists and sleazy Democrats, the Washington Redskins football team took their own beef to the feds. In papers filed Monday, lawyers for the team contend that the move by the U.S. Patent Office to revoke their trademark impinges upon free speech and is unconstitutional. The feds’ decision to use the power of the state to go after a private enterprise is just one more example of how badly that the law of the land has been perverted and free speech targeted by the ruthless Obama regime. But the liberal hypocrites are totally onboard with it because it is cloaked in the impossible elimination of racism.

As reported by AP via sports website ESPN in a story entitled “Redskins fight trademark ban”:

A federal government decision to cancel the Washington Redskins’ trademark because it may be disparaging infringes on free-speech rights and unfairly singles the team out, lawyers argued in court papers filed Monday.

The team wants to overturn a decision last year by the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board to cancel the Redskins’ trademark on the grounds that it may be offensive to Native Americans. But the team’s attorneys say the law barring registration of disparaging trademarks is unconstitutional under the First Amendment.

The trademark board’s decision unfairly singles out the Redskins “for disfavored treatment based solely on the content of its protected speech, interfering with the ongoing public discourse over the Redskins’ name by choosing sides and cutting off the debate. This the U.S. Constitution does not tolerate,” the lawyers write in their brief.

The lawyers argue that the government has no business deciding that a name such as Redskins is disparaging and undeserving of trademark protection while deeming other names such as Braves to be content-neutral and allowable for trademarks.

The team attorneys are correct in that similar legal moves, smear campaigns and political chicanery have not been invoked to target other sports teams with Native American nicknames. There is apparently not one thing offensive with the Cleveland Indians, Atlanta Braves, Chicago Blackhawks, Kansas City Chief, Utah Utes and Florida State Seminoles to name a few. I don’t see the feds cracking down on teams that encourage tens of thousands of fans to engage in offensive stadium behavior like the tomahawk chop or the Seminole war chant. For that matter there is not exactly a big hurry to go after the Notre Dame Fighting Irish for being derogatory and defamatory.

Like everything in Obamastan the crusade against the Redskins nickname is a scam that only matters to those seeking to exploit it for political gain. It’s good to see the organization actually fighting back against big government repression because at the end of the day it is what it is: an issue of free speech and expression.