Loretta Lynch, the woman picked by Emperor Obama as the replacement for ruthless hatchet man Eric Holder as the nation’s top law enforcement official cleared the Senate Judicial Committee on Thursday. The final vote tally included three Republicans including Senator Lindsey Graham of South Carolina. Now it is on to the full Senate where she will be approved as the latest fox tasked with guarding the henhouse.

The Wall Street Journal Reports that “Senate Panel Backs Loretta Lynch as Attorney General”:

The Senate Judiciary Committee voted Thursday to move Loretta Lynch, President Barack Obama ’s nominee for attorney general, to the Senate floor for a final confirmation vote.

The committee approved the nomination of Ms. Lynch, currently Brooklyn’s U.S. Attorney, by a vote of 12 to 8. Republican Sens. Jeff Flake of Arizona, Lindsey Graham of South Carolina and Orrin Hatch of Utah joined all of the committee’s Democrats in voting yes.

Ms. Lynch has so far generated little animosity from Republican senators, even those who ended up voting against her. Many praised her work as a prosecutor and some said they were glad that Attorney General Eric Holder , a frequent target of GOP criticism, would be replaced. Mr. Holder is staying on the job until Ms. Lynch is confirmed.

But during Ms. Lynch’s confirmation hearing late last month, she drew criticism from most of the committee Republicans for saying she agreed with a Justice Department memo that said Mr. Obama’s plan to grant a reprieve to millions of undocumented immigrants was legal. Nor did Ms. Lynch forcefully disavow any of Mr. Holder’s policies—though she did repeatedly say she would be independent from the president. And she promised to try to improve the relationship between the Justice Department and Congress.

Her confirmation is now a mere formality and once that occurs one could say that America will have been lynched. Not only is she every bit as noxious and corrupt as Holder but she is going to want to leave her mark as the nation’s first black female Attorney General. As Eddie Murphy’s Reggie Hammond from the classic movie 48 Hrsonce put it “I’m your worst f*cking nightmare, man. I’m a n*gger with a badge”.  So the ongoing practice of the Department of Justice to wage a public crusade against racism as political cover for protecting the criminals in suits will continue. Lynch will be effectively immunized from criticism because not only is she an African American but a woman as well. She could end up carrying over in the event of a Hillary Clinton presidency and possibly even be groomed for one of the upcoming vacancies on the Supreme Court. If nothing else about this woman does, that prospect should send cold chills up the spines of Americans, especially conservatives.

The news about Lynch didn’t get much play yesterday as the media was saturated with Jihadi John to jack up the fear on the day prior to DHS funding running out, but she is a far more dangerous threat to Americans than ISIS. Considering her service on the board of directors at the New York Federal Reserve under the regime of former Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner she represents a government seal of approval on the ongoing looting spree by the big banks. While ISIS may have killed a lot of foreigners and engaged in a media assisted propaganda campaign of beheadings, far more Americans have been harmed by the criminal gamblers who crashed the economy in 2008. In Loretta Lynch they will have a champion for their continuing impunity to plunder in the highest legal position in the land. Her involvement in that HSBC sweetheart deal didn’t end up costing her anything in the end and that speaks volumes as to what she will do in the future.

Just another day in Obamastan.