With the Department of Homeland Security now fully funded for the immediate future the parade of bogeymen and bogus terror plots just doesn’t stop. The apex of scary bullshit was reached two weeks ago with the triple whammy of the Mall of America threat, the feds’ busting up of an alleged ISIS cell and the outing of Jihadi John as a former British computer programmer. But the American fear machine that provides the propaganda for the multi-billion dollar terror war industry never sleeps. This weekend the bewildered herd is being subjected to the repackaging of a 20 year old loser who was arrested by the FBI back in January for allegedly planning an attack on the U.S. Capitol.

In a Cincinnati television station interview, Christopher Cornell spoke of wanting to plant bombs at the Capitol, the Israeli embassy and bust a cap into the nappy haired noggin of Emperor Obama himself. As reported by Reuters in the story “Ohio man accused of plotting Capitol attack says would have shot Obama”.

An Ohio man claiming sympathy with Islamic State militants and charged with plotting to attack the U.S. Capitol said in a television interview that he would have shot President Barack Obama in the head.

Christopher Cornell, 20, told Cincinnati’s FOX 19 WXIX TV that if he had not been arrested by FBI agents in January, he would have carried out an alleged plot to plant pipe bombs on the Capitol and at the Israeli Embassy.

“What would I have done? I would have took my gun, I would have put it to Obama’s head and I would have pulled the trigger,” Cornell, of Cincinnati, said in a telephone interview from the Boone County, Kentucky, jail aired on Friday.

“Then I would have released more bullets on the Senate and the House of Representative members, and I would have attacked the Israeli Embassy and various other buildings full of kafir (a Muslim term for infidel) who want to wage war against us Muslims and shed our blood. That’s what would happen,” he said.

Cornell was arrested after he researched how to make pipe bombs, purchased a rifle and ammunition and made plans to travel to Washington to carry out the plot, according to court testimony from an FBI informant.

The idea that young Cornell’s “plot” had even a minuscule chance of success is preposterous. He is just one more pathetic loser entrapped by the feds to be trotted to scare gullible Americans into surrendering their liberty and money to feed the surveillance state monster. I haven’t seen the Sunday morning McNews show lineup yet but look for Cornell to make a guest appearance as fodder for some fascist pushing for the renewal of the USA PATRIOT Act in a few months.

While the media was breathlessly elevating Cornell to a potential threat of near Osama bin Laden sized proportions some inconvenient omissions were brought up by the website The Intercept. The story published just after Cornell’s arrest entitled“Latest FBI Claim Of Disrupted Terror Plot Deserves Much Scrutiny and Skepticism” elaborates on the foiled “plot”:

The Justice Department on Wednesday issued a press release trumpeting its latest success in disrupting a domestic terrorism plot, announcing that “the Joint Terrorism Task Force has arrested a Cincinnati-area man for a plot to attack the U.S. Capitol and kill government officials.” The alleged would-be terrorist is 20-year-old Christopher Cornell (above), who is unemployed, lives at home, spends most of his time playing video games in his bedroom, still addresses his mother as “Mommy” and regards his cat as his best friend; he was described as “a typical student” and “quiet but not overly reserved” by the principal of the local high school he graduated in 2012.

The affidavit filed by an FBI investigative agent alleges Cornell had “posted comments and information supportive of [ISIS] through Twitter accounts.” The FBI learned about Cornell from an unnamed informant who, as the FBI put it, “began cooperating with the FBI in order to obtain favorable treatment with respect to his criminal exposure on an unrelated case.” Acting under the FBI’s direction, the informant arranged two in-person meetings with Cornell where they allegedly discussed an attack on the Capitol, and the FBI says it arrested Cornell to prevent him from carrying out the attack.

Family members say Cornell converted to Islam just six months ago and claimed he began attending a small local mosque. Yet The Cincinnati Enquirer could not find a single person at that mosque who had ever seen him before, and noted that a young, white, recent convert would have been quite conspicuous at a mosque largely populated by “immigrants from West Africa,” many of whom “speak little or no English.”

The DOJ’s press release predictably generated an avalanche of scary media headlines hailing the FBI. CNN: “FBI says plot to attack U.S. Capitol was ready to go.” MSNBC: “US terror plot foiled by FBI arrest of Ohio man.” Wall St. Journal: “Ohio Man Charged With Plotting ISIS-Inspired Attack on U.S. Capitol.”

Americans continue to fall for this crap hook, line and sinker too and while the media and government bear much of the blame for the brainwashing it isn’t like alternatives to the state-corporate media are not available. It really sucks to see all of this happening in a country that used to be proud about being the “home of the brave” but now seems to be largely populated by lemmings and sheep conditioned to live in a constant state of fear.