Outside of House Speaker John Boehner there has been no bigger disappointment in the new Republican majority than Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell. The mush-mouthed senior Senator from the Bluegrass State – he of the Kentucky Kickback – talked about how if the voters would just give him the opportunity, he would put that uppity Barack Obama in his place. But that was way back before he was safely ensconced in his posh new Majority Leader’s office at the U.S. Capitol.

It was McConnell who was the first to blink over the Department of Homeland Security stare down with the Democrats and what about that approval of theKeystone XL pipeline that he promised as his top priority? Conservatives have alas been duped again by the hoity-toity, four-flushing, double-talking gatekeepers of the political elite, one of which is Mitch.

Now McConnell is going to rub a dose of rock salt into the still raw wounds left by the grand betrayal over Emperor Obama’s amnesty for illegal aliens decree.  The next big battle is over the next maxing out of the national credit card or as it is formally known – the raising of the debt ceiling. McConnell is already running up the white flag of surrender with the deadline on raising the borrowing limit looming. It is another craven sell-out and the children and grandchildren of us all will be forced to suffer as a result of today’s incompetent and corrupt politicians.

As reported by Fox News in a story entitled “McConnell vows no debt default as deadline nears”:

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said Sunday that the Republican-controlled Congress won’t allow the government to default as the Treasury Department quickly approaches its so-called “debt ceiling.”

“I made it clear after November that we won’t shut down the government or default on debt,” the Kentucky Republican told CBS’ “Face the Nation.”

McConnell’s promise came two days after Treasury Secretary Jack Lew told Capitol Hill that the government loses its authority after March 15 to borrow money to cover approved congressional spending and that his agency would have to resort to “extraordinary measures” as a short-term solution.

To be sure, McConnell acknowledged after winning a tough midterm election bid that voters were tired of an ineffective Congress that too often teetered on shutting down the government over bipartisan issues.

“I hear your concerns,” McConnell said in his victory speech.

It’s too damned bad that enough Tea Party organization and money didn’t get behind a serious primary challenger to McConnell. It isn’t impossible for a longtime D.C. insider to be toppled, look at how the arrogant little shit Eric Cantor was humiliated last year. The writing has always been on the wall that Mitch was going to take a big, stinky shit all over voters once he had secured another six years of feeding off of the largess of the American taxpayer.

When will decent, honest, hard-working Americans get a clue and understand that despite all of the rhetoric to the contrary that McConnell and his ilk are nothing more than parasites and should be drop-kicked the hell out of public office. These career politicians are every bit the welfare sucklers as those on the low end of the economic ladder who they denounce are, they just wear expensive suits.

If the GOP establishment’s Vichy type behavior after the voters delivered them that huge mandate back in November isn’t a wake-up call then God knows what it is going to take.