The razzle-dazzle genius of the Republican Congressional “leadership” was on full display on Sunday morning television over the weekend. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell appeared on CNN’s State of the Union to proclaim in his trademark phlegm choked croak that he was going to be keeping Obama’s ruthless hatchet man Eric Holder in office indefinitely. McConnell’s move nicely coincided with the announcement that fellow GOP “leader” John Boehner would be forming a dog and pony show House tribunal to investigate the Hillary Clinton email fiasco. That the dynamic duo are resorting to such tactics of distraction in the aftermath of their humiliating cave in to Emperor Obama over his amnesty for illegal aliens decree is evidence of just how stupid that they think that conservatives are.

The McConnell gambit is reported by Reuters in the story “U.S. Senate leader says he will put Obama attorney general on hold”:

The U.S. Senate majority leader said on Sunday he would not schedule a vote to confirm President Barack Obama’s nominee for attorney general, Loretta Lynch, until Democrats stop blocking an unrelated human trafficking bill.

Republican Senator Mitch McConnell told CNN’s “State of the Union” program he had planned to take up Lynch’s nomination this week but may put it off if an anti-human trafficking measure does not pass first.

Democrats last week objected to anti-abortion provisions in that bill, which is otherwise widely supported. But McConnell said the language had been part of the legislation all along, including when it was approved unanimously by the Judiciary Committee.

“This will have an impact of the timing of considering a new attorney general,” McConnell said. “I had hoped to turn to her next week but if we can’t finish the trafficking bill she will be put off again.”

The Senate Judiciary Committee on Feb. 26 voted in favor of Lynch to replace Attorney General Eric Holder, clearing the way for her expected confirmation in the full Senate.

But even the committee vote had fallen victim to partisan bickering. Senate Republicans delayed a scheduled vote on her nomination last month to scrutinize Lynch’s record, in particular her support of the Obama administration’s executive actions on immigration.

“I think the attorney general nominee is suffering from the president’s actions, there’s no question about it,” McConnell said. McConnell said Obama’s immigration orders, which provided a pathway to legal status for millions of undocumented Americans, enraged many senators.

So good ole Mitch, he of the “Kentucky Kickback” is holding up the Loretta Lynch confirmation hearings based on an obscure anti-human trafficking bill? Talk about just pulling something out of one’s ass as the legislation wasn’t exactly generating screaming, above the fold headlines in the media. But wait, the bill has “anti-abortion provisions” so there is a method to Mitch’s madness after all. Now by being able to demagogue the hell out of his defense for the sanctity of human life, McConnell believes that he can play conservatives for chumps – again – and get them all to forget about how he just screwed them over on the Homeland Security/Illegal alien funding bill.

Abortion is a time tested mobilizing issue for conservatives and has long served as the bread and butter for phonies like McConnell whenever they needed to burnish their credentials with the base. Considering that supporters were getting restive over being repeatedly shanked in their backs by Boehner and McConnell after the midterms, the two career congressional welfare queens are covering up their failures with obvious ruses. Boehner’s decision to subject Queen Hillary the Inevitable to a grilling that will grab headlines and McConnell’s playing of the abortion card are both shining examples of why neither of these men should have been reelected to their cozy leadership gigs. You can paint a turd pink or purple but at the end of the day it is still a turd and so are the failures of the GOP “leadership” which stink to high heaven.

So thanks to McConnell the emboldened Holder can continue to wreak havoc for the foreseeable future.

Senator Mitch McConnell Trolls for Suckers