It is really starting to look like a good amount of Americans are finally sick of dynastic politics with a Jeb Bush vs. Hillary Rodham-Clinton choice about to be crammed down their throats in 2016. New polls are making it clear that the biggest loser of all could very well be Mrs. Clinton. This could be a sign that the Democrats may have a serious problem on their hands in that they are “all in” on Hillary. I wrote right after the 2014 mid-term elections that if she ends up getting “rejected by the electorate in her quixotic quest for power and goes down she is going to take the entire party down with her and there is no Plan B for the immediate future” and I stand by that statement.

More and more people just don’t like Queen Hillary the Inevitable and the numbers increase with each new scandal. While her entire campaign rests on giving aging feminists that one big item that tops their bucket lists – a female president in their lifetime – she may not have quite the appeal with the guys. Out of everything that is truly annoying about Hillary the worst has to be when she speaks. I can’t possibly think of anything more grating than that voice, it is worse than Edith Bunker on helium. That nagging, mean spirited and accusatory tone is something that has to make the hair on the back of the necks of every married man in America stand up.

Hillary lost to Barack Obama back in 2008 in large part because a lot of people perceived her as being an unprincipled phony and a ball-busting bitch and the ensuing years have not been kind to her. There was her tenure at the State Department where she held the top spot during the infamous Benghazi incident and lately her sneaky circumventing of the official email system. that is big trouble for someone who is going to promise voters that she will stand for accountability and transparency.

The drop in Hillary’s approval with the masses is spun by the Washington Post in a story entitled “Hillary Clinton’s favorable rating drops below 50 percent. And yet she still leads big” from which I excerpt:

Hillary Clinton is still leading all comers in early polls of the 2016 presidential race. But these days, that has much more to do with the Republicans’ weaknesses than with her strengths.

A new Washington Post-ABC News poll is the latest to show Clinton’s numbers continuing their steady erosion since she stepped down as secretary of state. The new poll has her favorable rating at a pedestrian 49 percent, compared to 46 percent unfavorable. It’s the first time her favorable rating has dropped below 50 percent since April 2008, when she conceded the Democratic nomination for president to Barack Obama.

While the story headline smacks of the journalistic technique of turd polishing it fails to adequately note that the blue jackass party has no alternative which must already be causing no small amount of weeping and gnashing of teeth over at DNC headquarters. While she may technically be leading “big” against Republicans – at this time – that is likely to change once the GOP is able to solidify behind a candidate and start attacking her miserable record instead of attacking each other.

Another poll what was released Tuesday by Quinnipiac University also shows her ratings plummeting in the aftermath of the email scandal. It doesn’t help that her email server was reportedly “wiped clean” which led to the classic declaration by RNC Chairman Reince Priebus that “Even Nixon didn’t destroy the tapes”. While not technically correct in that there was the matter of that 18 minute gap in the Watergate tapes, the comparison to Tricky Dick Nixon is spot on the money with Hillary. That list of 13 words that are taboo when used to describe Hillary that was sent out to media figures smacks of the beginning of a Nixon style enemies list and the petty paranoia has always been there.

Now if only Bush III’s ratings would take a similar dump we actually may have a chance at wrestling a bit of the control of our political system back from the corrupt oligarchy that rules the roost.