With the long awaited big announcement that Hillary Rodham-Clinton is entering the 2016 presidential race only hours away Hollywood liberals are lining up in support. Not content to dumb down and pollute American culture with their ultra-violent, decadent movies and television fare they are looking for a very special friend in the highest office in the land.

As entertainment news source Variety reported in the story “Hillary Clinton May Get Much More Unified Front from Hollywood This Time Around”:

As Hillary Clinton launches her second run for the White House, Hollywood Democrats appear ready to deliver a far more unified front than greeted her last campaign.

Some of the biggest industry fundraisers, like Jeffrey Katzenberg, who famously backed Obama over Clinton in the 2008 race, long ago pledged their support. With a lack of serious competitors, progressives who are lukewarm to her candidacy face a race with few alternatives. And for almost two years, a number of industry figures have been raising money in a kind of pre-campaign, as if to ensure that some of the bitter divisions of the last time around don’t materialize again.

Fundraising sources say that Clinton’s first swing through Los Angeles to raise money is in the planning for early May, with one of the events hosted by media mogul Haim Saban, longtime friend of the Clintons, at his home. A spokeswoman for Saban did not return multiple requests for comment.

Mrs. Clinton suffered the indignity of losing critical Hollyweird support to Barack Obama in 2008 when his insurgent campaign sunk her ship in a manner that was as unthinkable as it was shocking. Hillary went down like the Titanic and the rest is history. This time around though, with the Democrats betting the farm on being able to sell this morally bankrupt, entitled, corrupt and venal chunk of cellulite stuffed into a pantsuit there is literally no other candidate to bankroll. Elizabeth Warren? Give me a break, she would be fed into a Fargo style wood chipper by the bought and paid for media over her attacks on the government subsidized palaces of plunder on Wall Street. Hillary is the only game in town for liberals.

In locking down the support of Haim Saban, the Democrat’s version of Sheldon Adelson, it is going to be difficult to portray Clinton as not being sufficiently loyal to Israel which many Republicans seem to believe is a winning wedge issue. Saban is on record as wanting to see the U.S. bomb the bejesus out of Iran too so by backing Hillary the Dems will be able to retain a good chunk of the Jewish vote despite Obama’s dancing with the mullahs. The roster of big names who will be throwing in with Mrs. Clinton’s great crusade include Tom Hanks, Robert DeNiro, George Clooney and Barbara Streisand. Considering the disproportionate amount of reverence that the American sheeple have for the cult of celebrity they will be influenced greatly by such a star-studded cast endorsing the latest version of a terrible and toxic product.