Riding a cresting wave of media coverage after her big announcement on Sunday, Hillary Clinton is going to Iowa to troll for suckers. The carnival of perversion that is the permanent campaign in America places a disproportionate amount of importance on the Hawkeye State as being some sort of national bellwether of national attitudes in each election cycle. Despite Iowa’s relatively small population and it being just one of those flyover states it is an essential launching pad for any who have serious national ambitions.

The media contributes greatly to the mythic importance of Iowa by hyping the early caucuses but the ugly truth is that for politicians it is much easier to fool hayseeds and rubes in manageable numbers than a more demographically accurate sample of the electorate in a larger state. It was in Iowa though that the Hillary Clinton juggernaut was derailed early by a hungrier, better organized Barack Obama team that didn’t have the same sense of entitlement as Slick Willie’s wife. In remembering how badly that she was stung in Iowa back in 2008, the newest version of the Clinton political machine is trying to wash away the bad memories by hitting the state this week with a public relations blitz out where the tall corn grows.

As being reported by CNN in the story “Hillary Clinton takes road trip to Iowa”:

Iowa or bust.

Hillary Clinton is kicking off her second bid for the White House with a road trip, riding from New York to her first campaign stop on Tuesday in Iowa. She was spotted on Sunday evening chatting with people at a gas station in Pennsylvania.

Chris Learn, a 19-year-old student at Penn State Altoona, told CNN that he ran into Clinton at a Pilot gas station. He said she greeted him and asked him questions. He also said she was traveling with a group of people in a small caravan.

“I knew it was her immediately,” Learn said. “I just saw her and I was like, there’s no way that’s her!”

He added: “She didn’t really say why she was there, but I was guessing it was for presidential stuff.”

Clinton is riding in a van, which she has nicknamed “Scooby,” an aide said, because it reminds her of the Scooby Doo Mystery Machine from the classic television cartoon. Asked whether she was behind the wheel, an aide said Clinton is riding and the Secret Service is driving.​

As the great early twentieth century political writer H.L. Mencken once so eloquently put it “Nobody ever went broke underestimating the taste of the American public”. The “Scooby” van is a very nice touch and the low-hanging fruit amongst the electorate are already just dropping into the basket for Hillary. Ironic that a classic cartoon would be chosen as one of Hillary’s early gimmicks, nice way to appeal to Millennial voters, I was watching that show as a child back when Nixon was in office.

The Clinton “Scooby Doo Mystery Machine” is about as phony as John McCain’s “Straight Talk Express” was back during his own doomed White House run. The real mystery though is how a sleazy inside the beltway con artist like Hillary is somehow going to be able to dupe voters into believing that she is some populist champion of the middle class instead of the Wall Street suckler and power hungry monster that she really is. But this is after all America, a once great country that has been dumbed down to the point of retardation since a young Clinton family thrilled the masses when they rode into D.C. back in 1993.

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