Having had years to stew in the juices of discontent after being bumped off by Barack Obama back in 2008, the Clinton restoration has plenty of time to build what could be the Death Star of American politics. With an already formidable operation that was put into place during the eight year occupation of the White House by Arkansas white trash that hit it big the Clinton crime family has built upon that machine to mount a relentless campaign to retake the Oval Office.

The Washington Post reports on the “juggernaut” today in the story “Hillary Clinton starts small in Iowa as her vast national network whirs to life”:

On the surface, Hillary Rodham Clinton is starting her presidential run small. She’s being driven halfway across the country in what she’s dubbed her “Scooby Doo van,” getting out at diners and gas stations to chat with people. She plans an intimate listening tour with everyday Americans, beginning Tuesday in the town of Monticello, Iowa.

Behind the scenes, however, the vast network Hillary and Bill Clinton have cultivated over four decades in politics is whirring back to life to build a behemoth ready to last far beyond the Democratic primaries. It will be the largest operation ever mustered by the Clintons, designed to compete in what is expected to be the most expensive presidential election in U.S. history.

“There’s going to be a juggernaut,” said John Morgan, a Clinton supporter and fundraiser in Florida. “This is straight to the World Series — no spring training, no regular league play, no wild card games.”

Considering that the Democrats have made the incredibly reckless choice to go “all in” on Hillary this election cycle there is really no alternative to launching an immediate all out blitzkrieg.

The party has essentially been captured by the Clintons and is counting on emerging from the Obama debacle with a back to the future strategy that is less focused on appealing to young voters than those steeped in the nostalgia of the roaring nineties. Considering that a great deal of Hillary’s appeal is to fulfill that one big item on the bucket lists of aging feminists – a U.S. president with a vagina – who are being counted on to catapult Mrs. Clinton into high office it is a risky proposition. If the younger generation tunes out on Hillary – whatever happened to the Obama youth? – and throws in with one of the Republicans who are actually younger themselves then it could be a disaster for the Dems. One from which they may never recover.