Malodorous Monday was an epic day of the sort of phony political horseshit that low-information voters just gobble up. There was the carefully choreographed entry of the dashing young Cuban Marco Rubio into the 2016 race at Miami’s Freedom Tower. Marco is foisting himself off on the electorate as being the choice of a new generation – sounds like a soda commercial – and his public relations flacks are quietly whispering that he is “Kennedy-esque”. RINO Rubio’s shtick looks like he will be appealing to younger voters although how well that they will be able to connect with his rhetoric which is steeped in the Cold War of their grandparents has yet to be seen. But when it comes to shit salesmen Rubio is an amateur next to the crackerjack Hillary Clinton team.

Building upon the Democrat’s Queen in waiting’s big coming out party, that thousand mile road trip to Iowa in the ludicrous “Scooby Doo” van, the Clinton image makers did their jobs by getting the national media to put out the story of the burrito bowl. Yes, it is hugely important to sell the aging bag of flesh as anything but the corrupt elitist and creature of Washington that she is so how better than to report on what she is eating.

As reported by the New York Times in a story entitled “Hillary Clinton, Just an Unrecognized Burrito Bowl Fan”:

Hillary Rodham Clinton’s presidential campaign is all about “everyday Americans,” she made clear in announcing it on Sunday.

On Monday, she showed how unassuming she herself could be.

Driving to Iowa for her first campaign swing, Mrs. Clinton’s van — with two aides and Secret Service agents aboard — pulled into a Chipotle restaurant for lunch in Maumee, Ohio, a suburb of Toledo.

And no one recognized her.

Maybe it was the dark sunglasses. Or maybe she had a certain je ne sais — qui?

But nobody took notice of the celebrity in front of the counter. Fellow patrons paid her no more attention than a driver would get from a toll taker.

Nor did the restaurant’s staff notice Mrs. Clinton, until this reporter, tipped off that she had dined there, telephoned.

The Chipotle manager, Charles Wright, insisted at first that the tip must have been false.

But he offered to review his security-camera recordings, and quickly reversed himself. There was Mrs. Clinton, in a bright pink shirt, ordering a chicken burrito bowl — and carrying her own tray.

Wow! Carrying her own tray? That should really burnish her credentials of being a working class hero, does this mean that she wipes her own ass too? The NYT had already published a story entitled “Was That Hillary Clinton Pumping Gas?” when “Scooby” was spotted at a Pennsylvania refueling stop. It seems like the media is now publishing the press release material being churned out by Hillary’s adoring army of activists. Today she is supposed to arrive in Iowa where she will work the ropes in meeting with the little people at diners, drive ins and dives.

Yep, she’s just a regular gal, only one who has for decades been farting through silk panties.  Welcome to chumpland people, it’s election season again and those running to replace Barack Obama as Emperor of the United States will be plumbing the depths to try to convince the star-spangled schmucks  that they are just like them despite the truth that they will sell them out in a nanosecond.