Desperately trying to stay relevant as the 2016 Republican field continues to grow, Chris Christie who has been rapidly diminishing in stature – although not girth – is again making noise. At one time thought to be the greatest thing since sliced bread, the RINO Governor of New Jersey has seen his shining star dimming over a series of embarrassing scandals and gaffes. There was the infamous “Bridgegate” that provided MSNBC’s horse-faced lesbian pundit Rachel Maddow with months of material. Christie absolutely horrified the Republican Jewish Coalition by referring to the “occupied territories” last spring, resulting in him having to apologize and then grovel before billionaire GOP donor and casino magnate Sheldon Adelson. Finally there was the reduction of the big man to a mockery when a video of him engaged in a sweaty man hug with Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones during the NFL playoffs went viral.

So Christie, once thought to be the front runner has been digging out of a hole of his how making. On Tuesday, in a desperate attempt to waddle his fat ass back into the Republican field, the Sopranos State governor gave a big speech on his “vision”. Hitting the hustings in New Hampshire, Christie pitched his great idea –“reform” Social Security – which is political death wish. The general idea when one is in a hole is to just stop digging, not ask for a bigger shovel.

As reported by the Wall Street Journal in the story “Chris Christie Calls for Raising Age for Social Security, Cutting Benefit for Some Seniors”:

Gov. Chris Christie called for reduced Social Security benefits for retired seniors earning more than $80,000 and eliminating the benefit entirely for individuals making $200,000 and up in other income, along with raising the retirement age to 69 from 67.

The changes would not apply to current retirees or those near retirement, but could help keep Social Security sustainable for future generations, Mr. Christie said. Not acting would jeopardize longevity of Social Security and other entitlement programs, he said, and potentially lead to massive tax increases to prop them up.

“Every other national priority will be sacrificed, our economic growth will grind to a complete halt and our national security will be put at even graver risk,” Mr. Christie said during a 40-minute speech Tuesday.

Mr. Christie’s decision to take on Social Security, Medicaid, Medicare and disability insurance stands as perhaps the most significant policy proposal to date in the 2016 race, and one that will likely result in attacks from Democrats and his potential Republican competitors.

There is a reason why none of the other GOP contenders are calling for an overhaul of Social Security and that is that they want to survive as long as possible in the brutal gauntlet of the upcoming debate and primary season. Christie, already facing long odds has now further hobbled his chances by again shooting himself in the foot. He is already distrusted by the hard core Republican base – the type who influence primaries – who remember him back in 2012 when he practically gave Obama a hand job while touring areas devastated by Super Storm Sandy. One could make a case that Christie’s embracing of Obama as well as his self-serving speech at the GOP convention in Tampa contributed to the beatdown of Mitt Romney.

The Republican base never forgets stuff like that and probably also won’t take kindly to such Wall Street promoted hogwash like privatizing Social Security which is just a ploy to get the government to hand over all of your money to them to gamble with. Despite the Orwellian labeling of the program as an “entitlement” to lump more Americans in with the moochers, Social Security is something that workers have paid into for the entirety of their employment careers and deserve to be able to collect without being screwed over by sleazy politicians the likes of Chris Christie. These bastards won’t be satisfied until the minimum age to start collecting Social Security is raised until after you are dead.