File this one under the nobody should be surprised category but Queen Hillary the Inevitable has been accused of being a big, fat liar. That’s right, the Democrats’ great pasty white hope is as much a fibber as her famous hubby was when he wagged his finger in the face of America and said that “I did not have sexual relations with that woman”. Hillary will be a fine successor to Emperor Barack Obama who is the biggest snake oil salesman in recent political history if she does manage to dupe enough people into voting for her next November. A distinct possibility in the land of stupid.

Hillary has been getting a good deal of press and attention as she slimes around Iowa acting like she really gives a tin shit about average Americans. The problem is that a part of her newly constructed image as a “champion” of the working class – which is a sand castle on top of a mountain of bullshit – also includes what may be a problematic whopper according to a report that she may have been fibbing about her immigrant grandmother when she gives her stump speech.

The website Buzzfeed is reporting that “Hillary Clinton Wrong On Family’s Immigration History, Records Show”:

Speaking in Iowa Wednesday, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said that all her grandparents had immigrated to the United States, a story that conflicts with public census and other records related to her maternal and paternal grandparents.

The story of her grandmother specifically immigrating is one Clinton has told before. Clinton’s sole foreign-born grandparent, Hugh Rodham Sr., immigrated as a child.

“Her grandparents always spoke about the immigrant experience and, as a result she has always thought of them as immigrants,” a Clinton spokesman told BuzzFeed News. “As has been correctly pointed out, while her grandfather was an immigrant, it appears that Hillary’s grandmother was born shortly after her parents and siblings arrived in the U.S. in the early 1880s.”

The Buzzfeed piece goes on to feature several documents that seem to debunk the claim that Hanna Jones Rodham was an immigrant and was actually born in the U.S.A. shortly after her parents arrived. Hey, it may be a minor embellishment – along the lines of Elizabeth Warren’s claim about her American Indian heritage or Marco Rubio’s tale about his Cuban immigrant parents – but it is still technically bullshit if Buzzfeed is correct. Not that lying isn’t something that Mrs. Clinton isn’t well versed in or for that matter any of the charlatans of the political elite whose sneering contempt towards the intelligence of the American people is made evident by their fibs and fudging.