For those who aren’t already close to vomiting over Queen Hillary’s cross country tour of phoniness, now her image consultants have come up with another angle. After riding to Iowa in the “Scooby” van Mrs. Clinton flew home sitting in coach and – GASP – was spotted toting her own luggage at the airport. In chumpland U.S.A . it seemingly doesn’t take much to convince millions of television addled sheep, low-information voters and outright morons that a longtime gravy train riding elitist like Hillary Clinton is just like them.

As reported by the Daily Mail in the story “Hillary ditches Scooby van and flies to New Jersey after wrapping up three-day Iowa campaign tour – toting her own luggage!”:

The Secret Service will have to drive Scooby One and Scooby Two back to Chappaqua without HIllary Clinton riding shotgun. Instead, she’s flying coach and toting her own luggage.

A United Airlines regional jet carried her back to the East Coast on Thursday from the Omaha, Nebraska airport. Her flight was bound for Newark, New Jersey, the major airport most convenient to her spacious Chappaqua, New York home.

Clinton had just finished a three-day presidential campaign swing in Council Bluffs, Iowa.

That’s just a few miles away, and home to a cafe where she held a top-secret meeting with Democratic Party insiders who were told to surrender their cell phones and cameras beforehand.

In contrast with the private jet service Hillary has been accustomed to on her storied and lucrative speaking tours, her ride home was a no-frills commercial flight without a First Class seat to be found anywhere.

For flights from Omaha to Newark, United uses Embraer ERJ-135 and ERJ-145 jets with nothing but narrow economy-class seats.

So the queen flew coach, it would have sunk the entire phony populist meme of the trip to Iowa had she departed in a private jet after working so hard to pander to the shmucks to show that she is just like them. The entire week was one of the most cynical and dishonest beginnings to a political campaign that I have ever seen. There was of course the “Scooby Doo” van, the stops along the way to Iowa to mug for the cameras with the local yokels and that break for repast at the Ohio Chipotle restaurant for a burrito bowl. Clinton raged against CEO pay, vowed to be a champion of the little people and even threw out a sop to liberal suckers by paying homage to cigar store Indian Elizabeth Warren.

It was a reality show steeped in the unreal but she has laid the groundwork for the dump truck convoy of bullshit that is about to be unleashed. Get used to it, only nineteen more months until the election. The trip was a success from a public relations standpoint though in that Team Hillary was able to control the media narrative and it’s a big win when the headlines are about burrito bowls instead of Benghazi and her deleted State Department emails.

The only genuine aspect of her entire trip was the bitcn not throwing any money in the tip jar at Chipotle.