One really great thing about the presidential leg of the permanent political campaign are the inside the big tent pissing contests between those seeking the big prize of the nomination. The run up to the 2016 election promises to be particularly entertaining given the abundance of candidates in the Republican field as well as the open contempt that exists between accused “isolationist” Rand Paul and the worshippers of state. So on Tuesday the gauntlet was thrown down with Senator Paul taking it to old blood and guts himself, John McCain as well as his loyal sidekick Lindsey Graham. Paul has already been called out as a “wacko bird” by the dyspeptic Arizonan whose middle name might as well be anger and who may be getting ready to unleash a carpet F-bombing along the lines of Cincinnati Reds manager Bryan Price.

As reported by Politico in the story “Rand Paul: Lindsey Graham, John McCain are ‘lapdogs’ for President Obama’s foreign policy”:

Lindsey Graham and John McCain are “lapdogs” for President Barack Obama’s foreign policy, Rand Paul said Tuesday, at once firing back at recent remarks from the hawkish Republicans and seeking to distinguish his defense credentials.

“This comes from a group of people wrong about every policy issue over the last two decades,” the Kentucky Republican said in an interview with Fox News, touting his credentials as the “one standing up to President Obama.”

“And these people are essentially the lapdogs for President Obama and I think they’re sensitive about that,” he said.

Paul characterized himself as a “Reagan Republican” when asked about whether he was an interventionist or an isolationist.

”I believe in a strong national defense. I believe in peace through strength. I think that intervention’s not always the answer and that some interventions lead to unintended consequences,” he said, ticking through what he called the administration’s failures in Libya, Syria and with the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant.

This is not going to sit well with the Sunday morning television twins. Rand Paul does have a point in that neither McCain nor Graham have ever met a foreign war that they aren’t chafing at the bit to send the sons and daughters of American mothers off to die in. However, he is not exactly accurate in that Obama has drawn scorn from the “lapdogs” for not being belligerent enough in starting a hot war with Russia – although American troops are now on the ground in Ukraine “training” the locals – and he pussied out on that massive bombing of Syria back in 2013. Graham and McCain are constantly carping for escalation and represent their real constituents in the weapons industry very well. Both Senators are often quick to defend Obama when it comes to surveillance of law-abiding Americans and amnesty for illegal aliens though.

It won’t take long until there is a a response to Paul’s audacious comments and come Sunday morning a small mushroom cloud or two may even be spotted on the sets of Meet the Press, Face the Nation and State of the Union.