Loretta Lynch, the newly minted U.S. Attorney General – and former New York Federal Reserve board member  – is basking in the glory of the big bust of several FIFA officials in Zurich. In a joint raid by Swiss and U.S. authorities that was timed perfectly for the morning news cycle along with New York Times reporters who were at the scene, Lynch is trying to show what a hard-assed, anti-corruption crusader that she will be. The entire episode bears the stench of the government creating the news but what else is new in Obamastan?

As reported by the Washington Post in the story “U.S. indicts world soccer officials in alleged $150 million FIFA bribery scandal”:

Attorney General Loretta Lynch accused soccer’s world governing body Wednesday of deep-rooted corruption that allowed members and related firms to enrich themselves through bribery and kickbacks “year after year, tournament after tournament.”

Lynch outlined the U.S. complaints against the sport’s overseers, known as FIFA, hours after a stunning series of indictments and arrests that included Swiss authorities leading top FIFA officials from a luxury hotel in Zurich.

Moments earlier, the Justice Department’s had unsealed a 47-court indictment charging 14 world soccer figures, including officials of FIFA, with racketeering, bribery, money laundering and fraud totally more than $150 million.

Four of those accused, including two sports marketing companies, have already pleaded guilty and are likely to be cooperating.

Among the “alleged schemes,” said the Justice Department, were kickbacks to FIFA officials by executives and companies involved in soccer marketing and “bribes and kickbacks in connection” with “the selection of the host country for the 2010 World Cup and the 2011 FIFA presidential election.”

Lynch said the alleged wrongdoing tarnished FIFA’s mandate to “uphold the rules and keep soccer honest.”

The American probe — coupled with a separate but related Swiss investigation — delve into the high-profile, but often shadowy, world of FIFA deal-making and decisions, including picking the World Cup hosts.

This is all fine and dandy because FIFA is indeed corrupt, but it is a farce of a dog and pony show that is so obviously contrived for mass consumption that it is laughable. Lynch can pull her Reggie Hammond n*gger with a badge badass act all she wants but not one big Wall Street banker has yet to receive anything other than a weak a slap on the wrist from the Justice Department. In fact it is almost certain that the Obama regime and it’s cronies at the Fed and in the big banking casinos sought her out solely for her willingness to not go after the banksters. Just like Barry’s vaunted constitutional law professor credentials allowed him to work from the inside knowing the exact weak points to attack to sabotage the system.

Prior to her confirmation there was that matter with her New York based U.S. Attorney’s office cutting a sweetheart deal with the corrupt, drug-money laundering megabank HSBC. That was followed up with an even bigger sweetheart deal with the banks over rigging foreign currency exchange markets that was announced just last week. The banks were fined (whoop de f*cking doo) but nobody went to jail. The Obama regime, Lynch and the feds can pound their chests all that they want about their Elliot Ness style gangbusters charade against foreign FIFA officials but this is America and who really gives a rat’s about soccer to begin with? Next will be the extraditions of the arrested to the Homeland to be hauled up in front of show trials in a media saturated atmosphere to provide the illusion that justice really exists in America in 2015.

Again, to this day not one of the criminals whose gambling schemes blew up the economy has been held responsible for their actions and this will continue under the already dismal reign of Loretta Lynch as the nation’s Grand Poobah of law enforcement.