You know that you have shitty luck when you go on vacation to escape from a war zone and end up being accosted by a scumbag thug at the beach. With Ukraine currently embroiled in a brutal civil conflict that is turning into one of those Cold War style proxy wars between NATO and the Russians one would think that a prime getaway location like Florida’s Clearwater Beach would be well out of harm’s way. But this is the banana republic of Obamastan and like other third world countries thugs tend to run amok.

In the story entitled “Florida Is No Refuge For Ukraine Tourists” the website the Smoking Gun reports:

A Ukrainian family vacationing in Florida was menaced on a Clearwater beach by a convicted felon who roughed up a female tourist after she asked him to lower the volume on a boombox that was “playing loud foul language music,” cops reported.

The Memorial Day incident resulted in the arrest of Jeremy Henry, 28, for felony battery. Henry was also charged with violating the terms of a three-year probation sentence imposed following a November 2014 battery conviction.

As detailed in an arrest affidavit, an intoxicated Henry instigated a confrontation between himself and “two females, their children and their grandmother.” Cops added that, “The entire family is from Ukraine on vacation.”

After one of the women asked Henry to turn down his music, he “walked his music box over to the mother and her 2 year old child” and “turned the music up as loud as possible causing the child to cry from the audible pain.” The boombox was about one foot from the child.

When the mother told Henry to get away from her offspring, he allegedly grabbed the woman and pushed her. The woman was left with bruises on her arm, according to police who photographed the woman’s injuries.

Upon arriving at the scene, cops heard Henry “screaming bitch and fuck” at “the victim, her sister and their elderly mother.”

While Henry declined to answer police questions, he continued “shouting vulgarities about racism and the ‘cracker getting what she got.’”

Pictured above, Henry is being held in the Pinellas County jail in lieu of $2500 bond on the battery and probation violation counts.

Rap music – which as far as I am concerned is short for crap music – is one of the banes of western society as are the disrespectful cretins who insist on playing that horseshit at high volume. I can’t imagine that as bad a place as Ukraine may be that such scumbaggery exists there. The perp, a lowlife turd of a felon named Jeremy Henry is hopefully being given some lessons in respect from some of the bigger inmates at the Pinellas County jail where he has been cooling his heels for the last few days.

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