Nothing delights the feds and politicians more than some sort of scandal that involves professional sports athletes and teams. This allows them to hold dog and pony show hearings and thump their chests in front of the national media that they are actually earning their keep. So with the massive Office of Personnel Management hack that compromised the records of millions of government employees having caused much consternation, the feds are engaging in their typical smoke and mirrors tactics to shift attention to the St. Louis Cardinals.

That’s right, that OPM hack – which was blamed on China by the usual dimestore demagogues despite offering zero proof – wasn’t the fault of the government’s lack of adequate cybersecurity protections and antiquated systems. But that isn’t something that should be questioned, nor should the fact that the big government spends so much effort illegally spying on law-abiding Americans that it doesn’t bother to secure it’s own data. So it is time to change the topic and no one is better at that than the Washington based blood suckers whose very existence is dependent upon fleecing the taxpayers.

As reported by the Washington Post in the story “St. Louis Cardinals under investigation by FBI in hack of Houston Astros”:

The FBI and Justice Department are investigating members of the front office of the St. Louis Cardinals to determine whether the organization hacked the computer network of the Houston Astros in order to steal player personnel information.

An investigation is “ongoing,” a federal law enforcement official told The Post’s Ellen Nakashima.  There’s “a lot of work going into” the investigation, said the official, who spoke on condition of anonymity because the probe is underway.

Generally speaking, officials and experts say, the tools to hack someone else’s network are readily available online. “By itself, it doesn’t represent anything illegal,” the official said. But once a person intrudes into another person’s computer system without permission, “you’ve crossed the magical line,” the official said. Accessing someone’s computer without authorization is a federal crime under the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act.

If this charade seems like a huge waste of taxpayer money and scarce resources that is because it is. If the Cardinals did hack the Houston Astros databases – kind of self-defeating in that Houston has been putrid for years – then it is just one more example of how cheating and getting over have become just business as usual in 2015 America. But that isn’t news now is it?

The amount of money that gets pissed away on these sort of sideshow non-issues and big government meddling could be far better used elsewhere. Hell, it’s not as though we don’t have major infrastructure problems and technological and educational deficits that are much more exploitable by the hungry Chinese than government databases are. Just more of the same ongoing busywork to dupe Americans into thinking that their government is actually accomplishing something other than ripping them off on a daily basis.