In addition to everything else that it has become, the slaughter of nine black Charleston churchgoers by the wacko loner punk Dylann Roof is a golden opportunity to finally unleash those post 9/11 programs on domestic political dissenters. For the second time in little over a week the New York Times has published an editorial calling for a big government crackdown on “non-Islamic” groups that are identified as being “terrorists” in America. The piece is written by Daryl Johnson, a former Department of Homeland Security apparatchik who now runs one of those ever multiplying private security firms that profit from creating an endless sense of dread to bilk taxpayers out of their hard earned dollars.

The piece is entitled “For Domestic Hate, Apply the Vigor and Strategy Used for Muslim Terror”:

Domestic terrorism is the national security threat whose name we dare not speak. The numbers of both extremists and the radical movements that spur them to violence are soaring, and coalescing, in alarming ways. Yet through reckless neglect at nearly all levels of government, domestic terrorism not tied to Islam has become a cancer with no diagnosis or plan to address it. The latest deaths, in Charleston, join the growing number of victims who have perished in a wave of domestic terrorism that has plagued the Obama administration.

Any counterterrorism strategy must begin with identifying and acknowledging the threat, so we can assess the scope of the problem. To show our resolve to fight it, we must also devote more resources at the federal level. In September 2012, I called on the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the Department of Homeland Security and other federal government agencies, to reassign more agents and analysts to monitor and assess domestic terrorist threats. Today, there are still literally hundreds of analysts throughout the U.S. government looking for Islamic terrorist threats, including from Al Qaeda and its affiliates, yet, there are mere dozens of federal government analysts looking at domestic non-Islamic extremists. This disparity needs to be rectified.

In February, the White House held a summit on “Countering Violent Extremism.” Its aim was to build awareness, counter extremist narratives and emphasize community-led intervention. The summit’s agenda, however, primarily focused on Islamic terrorism. A successful strategy for countering violent extremism must include all forms of radicalism, including that of far right extremists.

America must reignite the determination to fight domestic non-Islamic terrorism that it demonstrated in the aftermath of the 1995 Oklahoma City bombing. Implementation of these objectives is a good start to eradicating the threat. It would honor the victims and let them (and their family members) know that their deaths were not in vain.

There is some seriously nasty corpse humping going on this week as the media, politicians and profiteers are having a heyday to exploit the Charleston murders to suit their own agendas. The hysteria has already led to Amazon, Walmart, Sears and other retailers pulling merchandise with the Confederate flag although the conspiracy mongering clearinghouse website Infowars is pointing out that you can still purchase Nazi memorabilia on Amazon. Just more of the same hypocrisy from our alleged “leaders”.

Johnson’s firm has been pimping the “right-wing” menace for quite some time now, having published a study in 2012 named “Right-Wing Resurgence” that according to its website blurb “sets the record straight by introducing new information and shocking revelations surrounding an authentic intelligence report that accurately predicted a rise in violent right wing extremist activity within the United States”. The big government fascists and the CEOs of the surveillance state Gomorrah that sprouted from the ashes of the World Trade Center to become one of the biggest industries in the country are practically jacking each other off now that they can turn Dylann Roof into their newest poster boy. Even the shrill Palmetto State Senator Lindsey Graham, who only a few short weeks ago was decrying radical Islam as the greatest threat to America today is milking the Charleston tragedy for all it’s worth by comparing it to “Mideast hate”.

The police state, surveillance and data-mining programs and enabling legislation like the USAPATRIOT Act as well as the secret courts and propagandized media that were unleashed when the twin towers were taken out were always only marginally about keeping America safe. They were in actuality what can only be described as an authoritarian government’s wettest of wet dreams in that these same programs, once fully developed and established as the “new normal” could be used to go after domestic political and government opponents with hammer and tong.