You have to love the increasingly senile Senator John McCain. The deranged old bastard is one of the best examples of why term limits are so desperately needed in American politics and he is once again pushing for another costly war. This time though he is agitating for what could turn into a conflict against nuclear armed Russia, not some chickenshit hellhole like Iraq or Afghanistan. You just have to love these guys, they can’t even spend time doing their jobs by securing our own porous borders yet they want to risk provoking a nuclear exchange over an ongoing border dispute in freaking Ukraine, a country that the majority of our dumbed-down populace can’t locate on a map.

McCain’s latest screed was published as an op ed piece in the Washington Post entitled “John McCain: The Russia-Ukraine cease-fire is a fiction”:

Last weekend, I traveled with Sens. John Barrasso (R-Wyo.) and Tom Cotton (R-Ark.) to eastern Ukraine to meet with the courageous men and women fighting there for their country’s freedom and future. I arrived on a solemn day as Ukrainian volunteers grieved the loss of two young comrades killed by Russian artillery the day before. They had lost another comrade a few days before that, and four more the previous week. Their message to me was clear: The cease-fire with Russia is fiction, and U.S. assistance is vital to deterring further Russian aggression.


During my trip, the Ukrainians never asked for the United States to send troops to do their fighting. Ukrainians only hope that the United States will once again open the arsenal of democracy that has allowed free people to defend themselves so many times before.

How we respond to Putin’s brazen aggression will have repercussions far beyond Ukraine. We face the reality of a challenge that many assumed was resigned to the history books: a strong, militarily capable state that is hostile to our interests and our values and seeks to overturn the rules-based international order that American leaders of both parties have sought to maintain since World War II. Among the core principles of that order is the conviction that might does not make right, that the strong should not be allowed to dominate the weak and that wars of aggression should be relegated to the bloody past.

Around the world, friend and foe alike are watching to see whether the United States will once again summon its power and influence to defend the international system that has kept the peace for decades. We must not fail this test.

The inclusion of young Tom Cotton who is a full blown whore for the military contractors that constantly fleece U.S. taxpayers smacks of the old man passing the baton to a new generation. McCain and the fascist warmongers have been feeding the American people bullshit for months now to start the new Cold War and to send arms and money to a Ukranian puppet government that not only tolerates but openly accepts extremists including neo-Nazis. Yet Americans are supposed to cough up our hard earned money that could be better spent at home to dick around in yet another foreign land that has zero bearing on our own national security. Putin is a world class prick – there is no argument on that – but only suckers believe that shtick being pushed about him recreating the USSR, the bottom line is what it always is: money. With Obamatrade being shoved down all of our throats by Congress including McCain it is by now obvious who they represent and in McCain’s case he has always been a pimp for defense contractors.

Let’s hope that with McCain coming up for reelection again next year – his sixth damned term – that some pro-American conservatives such as the Tea Party gets their act together and sinks his miserable ass in the primary.  I haven’t seen this week’s Sunday morning McNews show guest list yet but it’s likely that at least one one of these con artists or Obama’s lunatic new Secretary of Defense Ash Carter will be trotted out. The objective as always is to dupe Americans into sending our troops into harm’s way for nothing more than the continued profits of what President Dwight D. Eisenhower – who knew a thing or two about the subject – tabbed as the Military Industrial Complex.