Bombastic Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump hit the Sunday morning McNews circuit today and didn’t disappoint with his rhetoric. Trump, the one man who scares the mortal shit out of the GOP establishment appeared on CNN’s State of the Union in a wide-ranging interview with celebrity host Jake Tapper. The Donald made headlines for his comments about illegal aliens, calling the invading out the invading plague of wetbacks and scratchbacks as killers and rapists and was vilified for them but he backed off somewhat on Sunday declaring that “I love the Mexican people”. He also danced around this week’s controversial Supreme Court ruling on national gay marriage.

As CNN reports in the story “Candidate Donald Trump talks immigration, gay marriage and ISIS”:

Presidential candidate Donald Trump touched on a wide range of issues in an interview aired Sunday on CNN’s “State of the Union,” including his continued support for traditional marriage, immigration issues with Mexico and his desire to bring outsourced jobs back to the U.S.

Trump’s recent comments on undocumented immigrants from Mexico has led to Univision deciding not to air the Miss Universe pageant, which is co-owned by Trump and NBC Universal. Trump has since said he intends to sue Univision.

On Sunday, Trump doubled-down on his plan to build a wall along the U.S.-Mexican border.

“I like Mexico. I love the Mexican people. I do business with the Mexican people, but you have people coming through the border that are from all over. And they’re bad. They’re really bad,” he told CNN’s Jake Tapper.

“You have people coming in, and I’m not just saying Mexicans, I’m talking about people that are from all over that are killers and rapists and they’re coming into this country,” he maintained.

Trump also vowed to make Mexico pay for the construction of a border wall if he is elected. As excerpted from the SOTU transcript:

Mexico has not treated us well. Mexico treats us as though we are stupid people, which of course our leaders are. I don’t blame Mexico. China is even worse. …you force them because we give Mexico a fortune. Mexico makes a fortune because of us a wall is a tiny little peanut compared to the kind of money… I would do something very severe unless they contributed or gave us the money to build the wall. I’d build it, I’d build it very nicely, I’m very good at building things.”

Trump’s more interesting comments were on the economy, offshored jobs and our “stupid” leaders who have allowed for the breaking of the backs of the American middle class.

Trump, who in his presidential announcement said he’d be the “best jobs president that God ever created,” emphasized the need to get more Americans back to work.

“You have to bring in jobs, you have to take the jobs back from China, you have to take the jobs back from Mexico,” he said.

Despite how desperately the corporate stooges who masquerade as U.S. politicians want to keep the topics limited to anti-terrorism demagoguery, saber rattling, emotional culture war sideshow issues and meaningless trivial bullshit what they do not want to talk about is the ongoing loss of good American jobs. This is especially so now that Obamatrade was passed by Congress and has paved the way for the job killing Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP). That will be Emperor Obama’s crowning achievement in wrecking the country before he is choppered off the White House lawn for a lavish retirement of highly paid speeches and golfing on the taxpayer dole.

It is good to have a high profile, media friendly guy like Trump pushing the jobs issue because this upcoming election is absolutely critical to America’s future and we have none if our economic prospects continue to be suffocated in dirty back room deals by career Washington insiders.