Fireworks displays and celebrations delighted millions from sea to shining sea yesterday as they celebrated the Fourth of July which for a welcome change didn’t fall on a work night. There were family gatherings, ballgames, barbecues and beer, concerts and patriotic hoopla galore as is our long running national tradition. To get into how things have shifted since my youth when the day was observed for what it actually was intended to represent into what has today been morphed into – a celebration of militarism and the state itself  – would be to show my age. Best to just leave it at that and just say that times have changed one hell of a lot.

In New York City the damn Yankees edged out my hometown Tampa Bay Rays 3-2 and when night fell,  the annual Macy’s fireworks display was televised nationwide. In an interesting footnote, Nashville, TN actually beat the Big Apple in terms of sheer firepower this year but the establishment media would never dare to acknowledge such heresy. A dude nicknamed “Megatoad” won the Nathan’s Famous hot dog eating contest by devouring 62 of the things in ten minutes and the violence in Chicago continued to rage with eight more dead, including a 7 year old. What did not occur was that massively hyped alleged terrorist attack that the media and federal government had been fear-mongering about over the past week.

The Obama regime’s latest sleazy attempt to subvert freedom and liberty couldn’t have been better timed because nothing is more subversive than pissing on a great American day of the celebration of breaking free of tyranny. In a nearly fourteen year running imposition of fear upon a once proud and brave people it was really scraping bottom – but for the Obama occupation government that is just par for the course.

In a masterpiece of propaganda that would do Nazi Minister of Propaganda Joseph Goebbels himself proud, Reuters reported on the glory of Fourth of July – and minimized the scare tactics – in the story “America celebrates July 4 with hot dogs and barbecues amid tightened security”:

Americans marched in star-spangled parades, ran relay races, gathered for fireworks shows and crowned a new world hot dog eating champion as they celebrated Independence Day in traditional style on Saturday.

Possible security threats, wildfires in the West and rainy weather on the East Coast apparently did little to dampen the spirits of celebrants decked out in red, white and blue from their headbands to their shoelaces.

Crowds at Boston’s Old State House erupted in applause and cannons shot out tri-color confetti after the annual July Fourth reading of the Declaration of Independence.

Later, thousands flocked to the Charles River Esplanade for the annual Boston Pops concert and fireworks. Krystle O’Brien, 27, wore an American flag cowboy hat and passed out glowsticks.

“It’s a good day for Boston,” she said. “There’s so much history here, we can celebrate this freedom.”

In Maplewood, New Jersey, Meskie Hyman, 11, exuded patriot pride in a star-spangled shirt and a hairband with two American flags that fluttered under cloudy skies.

“I love that it’s a free country and we have the right to speak. It lets us see everyone’s potential and find our heroes,” she said.

The Department of Homeland Security and the Federal Bureau of Investigation issued an alert this week asking local authorities and the public to remain vigilant for possible threats following recent calls for violence by leaders of radical Islamist group Islamic State.

In New York City, the nation’s biggest police force assigned about 7,000 officers and nearly all its counterterrorism personnel to handle security around Independence Day events.

No incidents were reported as of late Saturday, but tens of thousands of spectators crowded onto the banks of Manhattan’s East River to watch fireworks shot from barges.

In a stunning upset on Coney Island, 23-year-old newcomer Matt Stonie grabbed the famed mustard-colored champion’s belt after gobbling 62 hot dogs in 10 minutes in the annual Nathan’s International Hot Dog Eating Contest.

Stonie, of San Jose, California, ousted long-time champion Joey “Jaws” Chestnut, who still holds a world record of 69 franks eaten in 2013. Miki Sudo hung onto the women’s title, downing 38 hotdogs in 10 minutes.

On the U.S. West Coast, which is battling wildfires, communities in Washington state and Oregon restricted or banned fireworks for fear of more blazes. Cupertino, California, and Anchorage, Alaska’s largest city, also canceled firework shows.

In downtown Los Angeles, thousands of revelers poured into Grand Park to enjoy music and food before a fireworks show.

“I’m Mexican, so I’m thankful to be born here, and being able to celebrate your heritage but mix with the diversity of other cultures too,” said Erica Moussa.

A celebration in Austin, Texas featured country music legend Willie Nelson at an all-day picnic replete with music and drinking.

To cut through the bullshit everything was fine and it was an obvious – and ham-handed – opportunity for the fascist Obama regime to get people worked up and terrified and then to pat themselves on the back that they are the ones responsible for ‘keeping us safe’. Pretty sad state of affairs in The Homeland these days and for some reason that I just can’t seem to put my finger on I don’t imagine the Founding Fathers would be pleased for the hijacking of Independence Day by Leviathan.